Eric Levy

People watcher.

About Me

I'm a fanatical jazz fan, aspiring bassist and I work as a marketing researcher to pay for concert tickets.

With extensive writing, analytical and reporting credits to my name, my main role is understanding people on a deep level to advise clients regarding how best to innovate, develop and roll-out products and services that actually make sense.

This ranges from finding out why people order the drinks they do to understanding why someone would buy audio equipment that costs thousands of dollars.

Like John Coltrane, I believe that our origin in the universe is linked to our place in the universe -- we came from stardust and should shine like a star as much as we can.

My personal passions include spreading my love of jazz, jazz musicians and ensuring that this art form continues as a healthy cultural and heritage art form.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2016-12-31

I love jazz because it moves my mind and my soul.

My Favorites

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