Diego Maroto

About Me

Diego Maroto was born in Mexico City  on May 9th of 1968. In 1985 he started to take private lessons to play the saxophone from teachers Larry Roussell and Alfonso Martínez. From 1987 to 1988 he studied art history at the Universidad Iberoamericana. In 1988 he joined the jazz worksop at the Escuela Superior de Música (INBA), where he was taught improvisation, arrangement and composition by Francisco Tellez. He then continued with private lessons from Danny Matusack (New England Conservatory of Music, Boston, Mass.) and from Darryl Winsman (A well known sax player from the california scene). From 1990 to 1992 he studied with Cristobal López in his improvisation workshop. In 1991, Diego became an active member of IAJE (International Association of Jazz Educators) and participated during three consecutive years in IAJE conventions in Miami, San Antonio and Boston. during this time he also participated in  worksops and courses of artists such as David Liebman Ernie Watts, Arturo Sandoval, Brian bromberg, David Baker, Jerry Bergonzi, Ran Blake (With whom he studied a course in specialized ear training), Mike Campbell, Bill Dobbins, Andy Laverne, Don Sickler and Chris Vandala. Diego has been a part  of recordings and projects by the most outstanding mexican jazz musicians like Eugenio toussaint, Agustin Bernal, Enrique Neri, Fernando toussaint, Cristobal López, Chilo Moran, Miguel Salas, Francisco Téllez, Iraida Noriega, Big Band Arte 01, La Casa de Agua, Waldo Madera, Línea Tres, Omar Arán and Roberto Aymés, amongst others.  Along with his rising carrier as an important representative of jazz in Mexico, Diego has performed with great success on some of the most distinguished venues in Mexico and abroad with some of the most outstanding latin american artists, comprising styles that range from rock (Caifanes, Santa Sabina, L Maldita Vecindad, La Lupita, Miguel Ríos, etc.), pop (Paulina Rubio, Benny, Lucero, Emanuelle, gloria Trevi, etc.) and Afroantillian music (Willie Colón, Jerry Rivera, etc.) In the first part of the year 2004, Diego recorded his first solo album named MUNDO PARALELO in which he is accompanied of an incredible group of mexican musicians like the legendary Eugenio Toussaint. On November of that same year, diego and his sextet performed at Dizzy's Club at the Lincoln Center in New York City daily during one week, where they shared the stage with Antonio Sánchez and other important jazz players of the New York Scene. This was an event that had not been preceded in mexican jazz history.  In 2005 a new formation is born with great success, a trio with Gabriel Puentes on drums and Jorge Luri Molina on upright bass. This trio has perforned in several festivals in venues like  Palacio de Bellas Artes, where a tribute to Mexican jazz players was made in 2006. A couple of years later this same trio performed at the Teatro de la Ciudad where they shared the stage with George Duke and Stanley Clark, this concert was a great success. As an educator, Diego has given lessons, clinics and seminars in important schools and institutions in Mexico. One of his most outstanding works was the one done in 2008, a seminar produced by Tonica in Guadalajara, Jal., alongside sax player Donny McCasslin. Currently, he is working on the post-production process of his latest album called Diego Maroto Asian Trio, recorded live on March 2013 at the great and prestigious jazz club “No Black Tie” Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. On this same year Diego has toured twice all around Asia performing with his several projects, at Java Jazz Festival, Indonesia. Mosaic music festival, Singapore. Sweet Basil, Japan. Ubud Village Jazz Festival, Indonesia. Sendai Jazz Festival, Japan, among others...  

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