Christina Kotlar

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2017-05-25

I met Yuri Turchyn, jazz violinist shortly before his gig at the Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival. He closed the late afternoon program with his band, Yuri Turchyn+GRUPO YURI, with the final song, an original composition titled A Heart of a Woman Part II. Just before he started, he raised his bow and pointed it at me as I sat in the middle of a huge crowd. Whoa. The music got everyone to their feet, it was a rousing last dance, and I fell in love, with the Latin Jazz/World Beat sound! (and with Yuri). We got married six months later. It will be seven years since that marvelous outdoor event hosting a boatload of players with three performance stages overlooking the harbor. It is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Since then, we've been to Italy three times, Yuri performing Gypsy jazz en tour with renowned guitarist trio BARTENDER at the Orvieto Folk Festival; New York/New Jersey metropolitan areas; and most recently at the Toronto International W. Bloor Street Festival. My life has changed so much since riding the live music lifestyle wave. It isn't easy, but oh, so rewarding.

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