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Cheryl Pyle -Musician-Jazz Flute , Composer , Lyricist

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The versatile flutist Cheryl Pyle received her BA in music from the University of California at Berkeley in 1976, having received her Associates Degree from Mesa College in 1974. Her teachers included Merrill Jordan, Janet Maestre, Francis Watson, and Jayn Rosenfeld. She took Master Classes with Jean-Pierre Rampal, Julius Baker, James Newton. At Berkeley, she was a member of the school's orchestra, and she possesses an extensive classical solo repertoire. From 1975 to 1976 she served as Musical Director of the Berkeley Shakespeare Festival, and she has performed in orchestras for over half a dozen musical theater productions. From 1977 to 1980 she was on the faculty at Berkeley as its flute teacher in the Jazz Department and taught at the Manchester Music Festival in Vermont in 1993 and 1996. While at Berkeley, Ms. Pyle was Principal flutist in the University Jazz Ensemble. This group appeared at the Pacific Coast Jazz Festival where they played with such major artists as Sonny Rollins, George Duke, Freddie Hubbard, Hubert Laws, and Joe Henderson. They also performed at the 1976 Concord Jazz Festival. After graduation, she performed extensively in the San Francisco area, where she was a performing member of the Loft Jazz Association. She played with many notable Bay area musicians, including Bishop Norman Williams, Susan Muscarella, Bruce Forman, and Jessica Williams. Since moving to New York in the fall of 1980, Ms. Pyle has been heard in a variety of settings. She has appeared at such jazz clubs as the Blue Note, Somethin' Jazz, Art on A Gallery, Seventh Avenue South, Jazz Forum, Angry Squire, Kave Haz, The Garage, Cornelia Street Café, CBGB's Art Gallery, St. Peter's Church, Amazonas, Bar on A ,Cultural 5-C Cafe, Tong Ren Center, NUBLU, Downtown Music Galley, Spectrum, Sycamore Radio Zero, Zirzamin, Brecht Forum , Frost Gallery, University of the Streets, Fat Baby's, ABC No RIO, Why Not Jazz, ShapeShifter Lab, Taller Latino, Medicine Show Theater, I-Beam, CultureFix, Shrine , Birdland , The Stone, Bonafide, Caffe Vivaldi, Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Wayward Social, Michiko Studios, Tompkins Square Library, 6BC Botanical Garden, Art for Art, Howl Happening , EV Gallery, Scholes Street Studio , Joe' s Pub and Wild Goose Creative- Ohio . She was also heard at the Annual Women's Jazz Festival , Lady got Chops Festival 2017 to 2022, Dissident Arts Festival 2012 to 2019 , Village Trip Festival 2022, Bern Nix Jazz Festivals ,Howling for Jeremy Steig solo flute Festivals as well as the Mount Vernon Jazz Festival in New York. She is a member of the World Flute Orchestra ,NY Jazz Flutet , 12 Houses Orchestra , Transparency Kestra Orchestra, Beyond Group and Musique Libre Femmes. Her jazz composition, Dalle Alle, was awarded in 1989 by the Billboard Song Contest, and her lyrics have received numerous poetry awards such as the Gold Poet Award in 1989 and 1990. Her lyrics have been recorded by such fine jazz singers as Janis Siegel (of Manhattan Transfer), Roseanna Vitro, Jeri Brown, Judi Silvano, Gloria Cooper , New York Voices and Sheila Jordan. her lyrics have been recorded on Atlantic, Justin time, Random Act, Skyline, Muse and Concord records. She has performed her solo flute compositions at Kitty Brazelton's Real Music Festival in 1993, continues to compose works for jazz flute. In 1996, she performed in the opera premier of The Other Wiseman by Stephanie de Kennessey with the Golden Fleece Opera company in New York. Her first classical recording was the Frostiana song cycle with the composer, Randall Thompson conducting Ms.Pyle as flute soloist. Ms Pyle has performed and played with such fine musicians as Joe Lovano, Andy LaVerne, Fred Hersch, Tom Harrell, Mark Soskin, Billy Bang, Danilo Perez, Mike Holober, David Phelps, Chuck Loeb, Bernard Purdie, David Haney , Mark Cohen, Steve LaSpina, Michael Cochrane, Ron McClure, Billy Hart, Ben Monder, Sergio Brandao, Max Ridgway, Randall Colbourne, Billy Hart, Adam Nussbaum, Duduka Fonseca, Charlie Haden, Arthur Kell, Lucy Galliher, Bele Beledo, Premik Russell Tubbs, Frank Burrows, Neil Alexander, Danny Gottlieb, James Williams, John Abercrombie, Paul Motian, Peter Washington, Roberta Piket, Nora McCarthy, Jorge Sylvester, Claire De Brunner, Dom Minasi, Lou Grassi, Tony Cimorosi, Hans Peter Salentin, Joop Wolters, Stephan Crump, Francois Grillot, Rez Abassi, Gerry Gibbs, Newman Taylor Baker, Daniel Carter, Stomu Takeshi, Bern Nix, Biggi Vinkeloe, Michael Eaton ,Ingrid Laubrock, Larry Roland , Cameron Brown, Jamie Baum, Claire Daly, Madeleine Yaodele Nelson , Matt Lavelle , Haruna Fukazawa , Gene Coleman , Judi Silvano, Yuko Togami, Reggie Sylvester & others. . Since recording her first quartet CD in 1997-Dalle Alle on the 11th street music label , Ms Pyle has released many live cd/mp3 recordings on her own label , as well as recording on Dewey Records, Destiny Records , Destiny Records , She has recorded on Contemporary and Chesky Records with Tom Harrell, Joe Lovano, Danilo Perez, Charlie Haden and Paul Motian and performed with Bernard Purdie and David Haney's New York Jazz Stories in 2020 with the 12 Houses Orchestra and 2022 with Jay Clayton , Kirk Knuffke , Adam Lane, David Storrs and Sila Shaman at Joe's Pub, Also participating in the Dissident Arts Festival Orchestra 2012 to 2019 , improvising a live score to the silent film classics Metropolis, Cabinet of Dr Caligari and Battleship Potempkin. Ms. Pyle performs solo with Beyond Flute and with her Beyond Flute group and all women free jazz Group , Musique Libre Femmes. Cheryl Pyle is available to perform in duo, trio, quartet settings, and available for online recording projects and lessons in composition, theory, lyric writting and performances on C flute , Piccolo , Alto Flute., and Bass Flute.

contact links: http://www.youtube.com/redhairedstepchild http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/profile.php?id=25384 http://www.soundcloud.com/cherylpyle https://cherylpyle.bandcamp.com

................DISCOGRAPHY................ BEYOND FLUTE GROUP Live at Downtown Music Gallery -11th street music 2024- Cheryl Pyle- c /alto flute, Michael Eaton -soprano sax, Sylvain Leroux- c/fula flute, Gene Coleman -bass flute /piccolo,Yuko Togami-percussion

BEYOND FLUTE GROUP Live at Main Drag Improvised - 11th street Music 2023- Cheryl Pyle-c flute/alto flute, Michael Eaton-soprano sax, Haruna Fukazawa-c flute /alto flute, Gene Coleman -bass flute

ART DANCE-11th Street Music 2023 , Cheryl Pyle , Max Ridgway, Joshua Peckinpaugh , Randall Colbourne

SYMBIOTIQUE QUARTET LIVE AT DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY -MotherBrian music 2022 - Michael Eaton - tenor saxophone,, Seth Andrew Davis - guitar, Cheryl Pyle - C flute, piccolo, Kyle Quass - trumpet

.SYMBIOTIQUE QUINTET LIVE AT MICHIKO STUDIO-May 2022 - Michael Eaton - tenor saxophone, Seth Andrew Davis - guitar ,Cheryl Pyle - C flute, piccolo, Kyle Quass - trumpet ,Kevin Cheli - drumset

DISTANT DUOS - MUSIQUE LIBRE FEMMES 2022 -11th Street Music 2022-Cheryl Pyle , Duos with Rose Tang, Haruna Fukazawa, Catherine Sikora, Claire de Brunner, Puma Perl, Judi SIlvano, Yuko Togami, Rema Hasumi, Sana Nagano, Frederika Krier, Gwen Laster, Susan Yung , Eri Yamamoto, Lee Odom-art by Pien van der Beek - Urban Recipes -recorded for Women's History Month March 2022

MY SANCTUARY -ALTAR OF OBLIVION- 2022-Martin Meyer Sparvath: Guitars, Vocals and additional Keyboards.,C. Nørgaard: Bass,Danny Woe: Drums,Keyboards on Track 1, 2 and 4 by Lars Strøm,Keyboards on Track 3 by Kenneth Holme,Keyboards on Track 5 by Sparvath, , Flute on Tracks 2 and 5 by Cheryl Pyle , tracks 2 and 4 - guitarist Nikolay Atanasov

BEYOND FLUTE GROUP LIVE AT THE EV GALLERY -11th Street Music 2021 -Cheryl Pyle-c flute, Haruna Fukazawa-c flute, Michael Eaton -tenor sax, Gene Coleman - bass flute

TRIOS FROM OUR SPACES-11th Street Music 2021 -Cheryl Pyle -C/ Alto Flute,Michael Eaton -tenor sax, David Haney - piano, mallets

OUR CHANGED HORIZON-Cheryl Pyle -Beyond Flute -11th street Music 2021- solo flute compositions and improvisations recorded during the pause in 2020, 2021 due to covid19, inspired by the art of Pien van der Beek

DISTANT DUOS -Cheryl Pyle and Friends - 11th street Music 2020 - Cheryl Pyle- C Flute/ alto flute, Max Ridgway -guitar , Haruna Fukazawa- flute, Axel Weiss - guitar , Premick Russell Tubbs -flute, Judi Silvano -voice, Christiaan de Jong -guitar, Tom Shad -bass, Hans Peter Salentin -trumpet , Gerry Gibbs- drums , Biggi Vinkeloe-flute, Puma Perl-spoken word,Susan Yung -spoken word ,Michael Eaton-soprano sax

BEYOND DUO -11th street Music 2020- live at Synesthesia Gallery ,Cheryl Pyle-c flute /alto flute , Michael Eaton -soprano sax

AEGIS LIVE AT Bushwick Public House, Nov 18, 2019-Michael Eaton - soprano sax, Cheryl Pyle - C flute, Judi Silvano - voice ,Roberta Piket - piano, Joe Hertenstein - drums

REMINISCING IN TEMPO -New York Voices -Origin- 2019 -A Dance for Me -music by Fred Hersch, lyrics by Cheryl Pyle

DIALOGICAL -Destiny Records 2019 -Michael Eaton: Tenor & Soprano Saxophones ,Lionel Loueke: Guitar ,Brad Whiteley: Piano ,Daniel Ori: Bass, Gimbri ,Shareef Taher: Drums,Brittany Anjou: Vibraphone , Gyil ,Cheryl Pyle: Flute ,Enrique Haneine: Udu, James Brandon Lewis: Tenor Saxophone ,Sean Sonderegger: Tenor Saxophone , Jon Crowley: Trumpet ,Dorian Wallace: Piano & Prepared Piano ,Sarah Mullins: Marimba & Triangles

ART SOUND -11th Street Music -2019- Cheryl Pyle -c flute/alto flute, Max Ridgway- guitar, bass, sitar, Randall Colbourne -drums

MUSIQUE LIBRE FEMMES - 11th Street Music 2019- Cheryl Pyle -c flute /alto flute, Judi Silvano -voice, Claire de Brunner-bassoon, Jamie Baum -alto flute , BEYOND QUARTET -11th Street Music 2019-Cheryl Pyle -c flute/alto flute, Michael Eaton -soprano sax, Claire de Brunner-bassoon, Gene Coleman -bass flute/piccolo, live at Downtown Music Gallery

BEYOND TRIO LIVE AT THE I BEAM- 11th street Music 2019-Cheryl Pyle-c flute/alto flute, Michael Eaton -soprano sax, Reggie Sylvester -drums

BEYOND TRIO - Cheryl Pyle , Michael Eaton ,Roberta Piket- 11th atreet Music 2018, live at I-Beam, Cheryl Pyle -c flute/alto flute, Michael Eaton -tenor sax, Roberta Piket- piano

HOWLING FOR JEREMY STEIG -Solo Flute Festival -2018 11th street Music -John Kruth, Sean Schulich, Steve Slagle,Ras Moshe Burnett, Claire Daly,Gene Coleman, Erik Lawrence, Haruna Fukazawa ,Premik Russell Tubbs,Andrea Brachfeld,Anders Bostrom, Cheyl Pyle

THE BEYOND GROUP Live at the DISSIDENT ARTS FESTIVAL -11th Street Music 2018- Cheryl Pyle -c flute /alto flute, Judi Silvano-vocals , poetry, Michael Eaton - soprano sax, Francois Grillot -bass, Reggie Sylvester -drums

THE BEYOND QUARTET LIVE AT THE 6BC BOTANICAL GARDEN -11th Street Music -2018- Cheryl Pyle -c flute/, Michael Eaton -soprano sax, Jamie Baum -alto flute, Claire de Brunner -bassoon

THE BEYOND GROUP Unlimited Boundaries -Jazz Explorations with Carman Moore Conducting-11th street music -2018 Cheryl Pyle -c flute/ alto flute, Michael Eaton - soprano sax,Claire de Brunner-bassoon, Claire Daly -bari sax ,Gene Coleman -c flute/bass flute, Hill Greene -acoustic bass, Madeleine Yayodele Nelson-african percussion

A+C+OUT -Intrinsic Music 2018 - Cheryl Pyle - flute, poetry/Axel Weiss - guitars, bass, keys, drum edit., art

CHERYL PYLE BEYOND FLUTE -solo flute explorations and improvisations - 11th Street Music-2017 -Cheryl Pyle -c flute /alto flute /all compositions BEYOND QUARTET LIVE AT THE DISSIDENT ARTS FESTIVAL -11th Street Music 2017- recorded live Aug 26 , 2017 - Cheryl Pyle-c flute /alto flute ,Ingrid Laubrock- tenor sax, Larry Roland, bass /poetry, Newman Taylor Baker-washboard percussion

NOCTURNE FOR NIX -Beyond Trio -11th Street Music 2017 - Cheryl Pyle-C flute/Alto Flute, Newman Taylor Baker -Washboard Percussion, Michael Eaton - Soprano Sax

BEYOND TRIO Live At Shrine -11th Street Music 2017- Cheryl Pyle -flute-alto flute, Bern Nix-guitar, Michael Eaton-soprano sax (recorded May 28 ,2017 -rest in peace Bern Nix- May 31 ,2017)

DESTINATIONS - Kazhargan World Jazz Group -2017 -Kazhargan World & Dewey Records :Piano: Stanislav Zaslavsky /Flute: Cheryl Pyle /Guitar: Max Ridgway/Trumpet: Hans Peter Salentin /Sax: Sasha Pyshminsev /Drums: Laurent Planells/ Bass: Sean O'Bryan Smith

ART SPACE- 11th street Music 2017 - Cheryl Pyle-c flute /alto flute, spoken word ,Max Ridgway -guitar, bass, Randall Colbourne -drums

BEYOND QUINTET Live at SPECTRUM- 11th Street Music 2016-with Carman Moore conducting /Cheryl Pyle-Flute-Alto flute /Michael Eaton-Soprano sax/Bern Nix-Guitar /Roberta Piket -Piano/Newman Taylor Baker-Washboard Percussion

MUSIQUE LIBRE FEMMES - 11th Street Music 2016 - Cheryl Pyle-Flute -Alto Flute/Jamie Baum -Flute -Alto Flute/ Claire de Brunner-Bassoon/ Claire Daly - Bari Sax

THE BEYOND TRIO LIVE AT ABC NO RIO -11th Street Music 2016 -Cheryl Pyle- flute/alto flute , Gene Coleman-flute /piccolo , Michael Eaton-tenor sax

THE BEYOND GROUP LIVE AT SPECTRUM -11th Street Music 2016-with Carman Moore conducting /Cheryl Pyle-Flute-Alto flute /Gene Coleman-Flute-Bass flute- Piccolo/Michael Eaton-Soprano sax/David Tamura -Tenor sax/Bern Nix-Guitar /Roberta Piket -Piano /Francois Grillot -Bass/William Ruiz -Percussion

BARREN GROUNDS- ALTAR OF OBLIVION -Shadow Kingdom Records -2016-Mik Mentor – Lead & backing Vocals /Martin Meyer Sparvath – Guitars, backing Vocals . additional Keyboards /Allan Larsen - Guitars /C. Nørgaard – Bass /Thomas Wesley – Drums & Percussion /Cheryl Pyle: Flute and spoken Words /Lars Strøm: Mellotron and additional Guitars

BEYOND DUO Live at Downtown Music Galley -11th street music 2016-Cheryl Pyle- flute-alto flute /Bern Nix-guitar

MUSIQUE LIBRE FEMMES Live at MUCHMORE'S -11th street music 2016 - Cheryl Pyle-flute/alto flute, Jamie Baum- flute /alto flute, Claire de Brunner-Bassoon, Claire Daly- Bari Sax, Madeleine Yayodele Nelson- percussion , Shayna Dulberger -bass

THE BEYOND GROUP Live at Muchmores-11th street music 2016 -with Carman Moore conducting/Cheryl Pyle-Flute/Gene Coleman-flute/David Tamura -Tenor sax/Bern Nix -Guitar/Francois Grillot -Bass/William Ruiz -Percussion

BEYOND SEXTET with Carman Moore conducting LIVE AT DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY -11th Street music 2015-Cheryl Pyle-Flute/Gene Coleman-Flute-Bass flute- Piccolo/Michael Eaton-Soprano sax/David Tamura -Tenor sax/Bern Nix-Guitar /William Ruiz -Percussion

BEYOND SEXTET with Carman Moore conducting LIVE AT ABC NO RIO -11th Street Music 2015 -Cheryl Pyle-flute/Gene Coleman-flute-piccolo-Bass flute /Bern Nix- guitar/Michael Eaton-soprano sax /David Tamura- tenor sax / William Ruiz - percussion

MAHASEN-11th Street Music 2015- Cheryl Pyle-flute/ William Ruiz -percussion, drums, bells FLUTE DUO LIVE AT DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY- 11th Street Music 2015- CHERYL PYLE/MARK ALBAN LOTZ-Flutes

BEYOND QUINTET LIVE AT ABC NO RIO -11th Street Music 2015-Cheryl Pyle- flute/Gene Coleman-Flute-Piccolo/Bern Nix-Guitar/Michael Eaton-Soprano Sax/David Tamura-Tenor Sax

BEYOND DUO - 11th street music 2015- Cheryl Pyle -flute /Bern Nix -guitar- live from Art on A Gallery

BIGGI VINKELOE/CHERYL PYLE -FLUTE DUO -RAW SOUND SWEDEN LIVE AT DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY-11th street music 2015 -Biggi Vinkeloe- alto sax /flute, Cheryl Pyle -flute, Elsa Bergman-bass, Anna Hogberg-alto sax, Malin Wattring-tenor sax, Signe Dahlgreen-tenor sax, Anna Lund-drums with Shayna Dulberger-bass

REACHING THE END- Lords Of Triumph- Journey's End Records -2015- Phil Swanson - Vocals, Martin Meyer Sparvath - Guitars, Keyboards & Backing Vocals , C. Nørgaard - Bass,Andreas Joen - Drums, Additional Keyboards by Lars Strøm Guest Appearance on Flute by Cheryl Pyle.

FLUTE FABLES-11th Street Music -2015- Cheryl Pyle- compositions, flutes

MESS AROUND-Renjenstromkin 2014-CROSSING BORDERS Group - vocalist/pianist- Jennifer Scott , bassist Rene Worst , saxophonist/vocalist Kristen Strom, guitarist -Scott Sorkin , drummer- Jason Lewis(Rain waltz-music Fred Hersch/Lyrics -Cheryl Pyle)

SILENT NOISE ON SATURN -Intrinsic Records-2014-Cheryl Pyle - flutes Axel Weiss - guitars, keys, strings, perc.ussion, whistling, mix, art

CLARITY-THE MUSIC OF CLARE FISCHER - Random Act Records-2014- Roseanna Vitro-vocals, Mark Soskin-piano, Sara Caswell-violin, Dean Johnson-bass, Tim Horner -drums, Brett Fischer- vibraphone, Mino Cinelu- percussion, lyrics by Cheryl Pyle on Pavillon -Life's Journey and The Duke- Swingin’ with the Duke

LET'S TALK ABOUT NOW -11th street music- 2014 -Nora McCarthy- voice, spoken word, poetry/ Cheryl Pyle- flute , spoken word

MODERN ART - 11th street music-2014- Cheryl Pyle-flute tracks 1, 4 ,6 ,8 .11, Max Ridgway-guitar, bass, effects, Randall Colbourne -drums

TRIO LIVE AT SHAPESHIFTER LAB - 11th Street Music -2014 -Cheryl Pyle-flute, Roberta Piket-piano. Newman Taylor Baker-washboard percussion

FLUTE KARMA LIVE AT DOWNTOWN MUSIC GALLERY- 11th street Music 2014 - Premik Russell Tubbs- flutes and electronics/ Cheryl Pyle -flute POST FICTION -Dewey Records/Kazhargan -2014- Stan Zaslavsky- piano/compositions, Hans Peter Salentin-trumpet-horn arr, Cheryl Pyle-flute,spoken word, Max Ridgway-guitar, Sean O'Bryan Smith-bass, Laurent Planells-drums

ALCHEMY OF TIMES- 11th Street Music-2014 - Cheryl Pyle- Flute, Bass, Keyboard

BEYOND TRIO live at SPECTRUM -2013- 11th street music- Cheryl Pyle -flute, Roberta Piket-piano, Newman Taylor Baker-washboard percussion

OUTER LIMITS - JampyKeys Music 2013 -Jampykeys - Giampaolo Rolli: Music, synthesizers, programming, arrangments ,Cheryl Pyle: Flute and poems on track 3 / 13 - Flute on track 6 ,Bill Berends: Guitar on track 3.

SITTING AT THE LAKE -Hans Peter Salentin-2013 Dewey Records, with Cheryl Pyle, Max Ridgway, Benni Freibott, Tato Gomez, Stan Z, Tony Cimorosi, Yves Ferrand

DUO - CLAIRE DE BRUNNER -BASSOON & CHERYL PYLE -FLUTE 11th street music Sept 2013 - Cheryl Pyle -flute / Claire De Brunner -bassoon

BEYOND TRIO LIVE AT SPECTRUM -11th street Music -2013 -Cheryl Pyle -flute - Robertal Piket -piano, Newman Taylor Baker-washboard percussion NEW-TET LIVE IN NYC - 11th street music -2013 -Cheryl Pyle-flute, Daniel Carter- sax /trumpet, Max Johnson-bass , Newman Taylor Baker-washboard percussion

INSIDE OUT - NIGHT GALLERY -9th records -2013-Mark Demon - Vocals, Kit E. Hawke - Bass Guitar/Jimmy Dragon - Drums/Percussion,Paul Ash - Keyboards, Gerry Barnas-guitar, Jesse Effros-guitar, Zarabeth Burns -violin, Cheryl Pyle -flute ,Colin Stroker -background vocals

FAR OUT - 11th street music 2013 -Cheryl Pyle -flute ,bass & poetry GREEN UNDERWORLD -11th street music- 2013- with Cheryl Pyle -flute & poetry, Max Ridgway -guitar , acoustic bass, and Randall Colbourne drums.

FLOW -Intrinsic Records 2012 - Axel Weiss(guitar), Cheryl Pyle(flute), Oddrun Eikli(vocals), Arne Hiorth(trumpet), Stan Zaslavsky(piano), Sean O'Bryan Smith(bass)

BLUE WINDOW - Dewey Records 2012 - Hans Peter Salentin , Kuba Stankiewicz /Piano,Roman Chraniuk/ Bass,Marcin Jahr /Drums,Julia Sawicka/ Vocal with Guests : Cheryl Pyle on Flute / Vocal and Dirk Rumig/

SOUND SCULPTURES -11th street music 2012 - Cheryl Pyle flute & bass , Max Ridgway-guitar

WONDERFUL TIMES -Dewey records/KAZHARGAN-2012- Piano-: Stan Z (Russia). Trumpet: Hans Peter Salentin (Germany). Flute: Cheryl Pyle (New York). Sax: Brian Mitchell Brody (USA). Guitar: Max Ridgway (USA). NS Double bass: Tony Cimorosi (New York). Electric bass: Sean O'Bryan Smith (USA). Drums & Percussion: Papa Z (Russia).

SOUL DUST- 11th street music- 2011 -Cheryl Pyle -flute ,electric bass, Max Ridgway -guitar , acoustic bass, and Randall Colbourne drums. INSIDE DIALOGUE- 11th street music -2011- Cheryl Pyle -flute & bass, piano, effects 9 FLUTE DUOS - 11th street music -2011 - Cheryl Pyle and Nick Gianni -flutes and improvising

AUDIO CHOCOLATE-Paul Tauteroff— 2010- Cheryl Pyle flute -the journey SURREAL -11th street music -2010 -Cheryl Pyle -flute and bass (keyboards, effects & boss br600 drums)

FLOODS-BLOOD FOUNTAINS- Utech records-2009- Stephen K, David beaver, Mat Woods, Cheryl Pyle –flute, vocals -Yoshiko Ohara (Bloody Panda)

TIL SOON-11th street music - 2009 –Cheryl Pyle –flute and bass with Boss Br600 drums

SINEWS OF ANGUISH-Altar of Oblivion-Shadow Kingdom records- 2009-Cheryl Pyle –flute – a retreat into delusions and sinews of anguish -Martin Sparvath, Mik mentor, Alan Larsen, c Norgaard, lars Strom

DEDICATED TO YOU-Gloria Cooper-Origin records 2004- two reflect as one-music by Michael Cochrane/lyrics by Cheryl Pyle - arr. by Don Sickler, w/ Wayne Escoffrey, Freddie Bryant, Tim Givens , Vince Cherico.

HI MIKE- 2000-Cheryl Pyle flute - they come down and lambuddy- Guitars/Keyboards: Mike Stand and Johnny Mike!—French Horn: Lou Denaro—Bass: JimmySplatt—Drums: ErichMike and SighMike

JAZZ CHILD - Sheila Jordan - High Note -1998 BUFFALO WINGS - Music by T. Harrell, lyrics by C. Pyle

DALLE ALLE - Cheryl Pyle Quartet - 11 Street Music - 1997- C. Pyle (flute) with David Phelps (guitar), Stephan Crump (bass) and Kirk Driscoll (drums)

PASSION DANCE - Roseanna Vitro - Telarc Jazz - 1996 SIMONE - Music by Frank Foster, lyrics by C. Pyle with Ken Werner (piano), Christian McBride (bass )and Elvin Jones (Drums)

HEART STRINGS - Sheila Jordan - Muse Records -1994 out to sea - Music By Tom Harrell, Lyrics by Cheryl Pyle, strings arranged by Alan Broadbent, with Harvie S. Swartz - bass, Marvin Smitty Smith - drums

SOFTLY - Roseanna Vitro - Concord Records - 1993 Song For All Ages - Music by Fred Hersch, Lyrics by Cheryl Pyle, Life I Choose - Music by Tom Harrell, Lvrics by Cheryl Pyle, with Jay Anderson, Tom Rainey, George Coleman, Tim Reis, and Mino Cinelu

THE D.T.'S - The D.T.'s - C-4 Productions - 1993. Cheryl Pyle — Flute on Moonflower, with Rich Kelly, J. P. Harvey, guitars, Dr. Planet - bass, J. Kaplan -drums, engineer-josh silver

THE PEACOCKS - Teri Brown - Justin Time Records - 1993 Don't Ask - Music by Fred Hersch, Lyrics by Cheryl Pyle with Kirk Lightsey, Rufus Reid, Wali Muhammad, and Peter Leitch

DANCING VOICES - Judi Silvano - J.S.L. Records - 1992 Two Hearts Wonder - Music by Tom Harrell, Lyrics by Cheryl Pyle, with Joe Lovano, Tim Hagens, Salvatore Bonafede, Ken Werner and Scott Lee

PASSAGES - Tom Harrell - Chesky Records - 1992, with Joe Lovano - sax, Cheryl Pyle - flute, Danilo Perez - piano, Peter Washington - bass, Paul Motian - drums, Café - percussion

MIRAGE - Jeri Brown - Justin Time Records - 1991 Mirage and Child Song - Music by Fred Hersch, Lyrics by Cheryl Pyle

VISIONS - Tom Harrell - Contemporary Records - 1991 with Joe Lovano - sax, Cheryl Pyle - flute, Danilo Perez - piano, Charlie Haden - bass and Paul Motian - drums

FORM - Tom Harrell - Contemporary Records - 1990. joe Lovano - sax, Cheryl Pyle - flute, Danilo Perez - piano, Charlie Haden - bass, Paul Motian - drums

SAIL AWAY - Tom Harrell - Contemporary Records - 1989. Joe Lovano - sax, Cheryl Pyle - flute, David Liebman - sax, James Williams - piano, Ray Drummond - bass, Adam Nussbaum - drums, John Abercrombie - guitar

SHORT STORIES - Janis Siegel - Atlantic Records - 1989. Janis Siegel - voice, Fred Hersch - piano/ with lyrics by Cheryl Pyle, A Dance for Me

QUARTET - Mili Bermejo - Nuevo Records - 1988. With music by Fred Hersch, lyrics by Cheryl Pyle

A NIGHT IN THE LIFE - Santo - Source Records - 1987. Santo - guitar, Billy Bang - violin, Cheryl Pyle - flute

te A QUIET PLACE - Roseanna Vitro - Skyline Records - 1987. Fred Hersch - piano, Eddie Daniels - sax. Mark Egan - bass, Joey Baron - drums; with lyrics by Cheryl Pyle, A Simple Samba and Mirage

FROSTIANA - Randall Thompson Conducts - Bassett Records - 1974. Cheryl Pyle - flute soloist (classical)

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