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The artist formerly known ass Domina Catrina Lee. Guitarist & Composer. Born in Singapore. Currently alive in Singapore. While denizens of the local music and arts community pretend not to know her, Catrina quietly and faithfully goes her own way, creating new worlds of vision and music as she goes, undaunted by the ignorance and greed surrounding her life circumstances. Unable to obtain a day job working for 'the man' she takes to the streets dreaming of music while doing 'other work'.

After years of studying alone, in the dark, with a candle in hand, and a guitar in the other, Catrina has stumbled across the answer to it all, after contemplating the Tao and Pat Martino's 12 Point Star. She has decided to release this information to the world, and calls it the Grand Unified Field Of Harmony. She is also about to catalog her method to understanding and unifying melodic theory, and rhythmic concepts from known traditions of music, into unknown regions, based on music itself.

Catalog of current self-produced, self-released albums

1)The Book Of Worlds - second edition (2009) remastered. An aural book of musical possibilities spanning ambient, beyond jazz, fusion, avant-garde, post-minimalism, jazz-pop, and progressive rock genres.

2)On The Practice Of Stopping Time (2009) -a study in ambient/world meditation music in pure just intonation for MIDI virtual instrumentation.

3)Songs From The Breastbone Drum (2010) -well reviewed and critically acclaimed third album, the most illegally downloaded album in the catalog, so far. Music for acoustic guitar live, and MIDI ensembles.

4)Virtual Music (new)- New Music fusion of post-modernist classical with jazz rock 'through composed' quasi-improvised sections, for MIDI ensembles, including a chamber group setting, all in various Just Intonation tunings.

Virtual Music And Songs From The Breastbone Drum (remastered) in 24 bit FLAC available at (other titles available through direct contact with me here at AllAboutJazz)

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