Bruno Raberg

Bruno Råberg - internationally renowned bassist/composer

About Me

Bruno Råberg is an internationally renowned bass player and composer and a mainstay on the Boston music scene. Since coming to the US from his native Sweden he has created 10 recordings as a leader, has appeared on more than 30 as a sideman, and has performed with numerous world- class artists, including Donny McCaslin, Chris Cheek, Kenny Werner, George Garzone, Bob Moses, Mick Goodrick, Ben Monder, Bruce Barth, Jim Black, Matt Wilson, Ted Poor and Mike Mainieri. Tours have taken Råberg throughout Europe, Scandinavia, USA, Japan, India, Africa, and Central America, and to jazz festivals such as Pori, Umbria, Monterey, Nancy, Bologna, Graz, Stockholm, Boston, and Cape Town. As an educator, Råberg stands out. He is a professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he teaches in the prestigious Berklee Global Jazz Institute’s Masters Program, lead by the legendary Danilo Perez. He has traveled to Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Japan and Costa Rica as a clinician and performer for Berklee.

Bruno Råberg Selected Discography As a leader

“Tailwind” Bruce Barth, Adam Cruz (RedPianoRecords 2018) ”Triloka - Three Realms” Mike Block, Rob Thomas (OrbisMusic 2017) ”For The Unknown” with Allan Chase, Phil Grenadier (OrbisMusic2016) ”Hot Box” with Allan Chase, Austin McMahon (OrbisMusic2015) “Plunge” with Phil Grenadier (OrbisMusic2012) “Lifelines” with Chris Cheek, Ben Monder, Matt Wilson (OrbisMusic2008) “Chrysalis” with Donny McCaslin, Mick Goodrick (OrbisMusic 2004) “Ascensio” with Allan Chase, Phil Grenadier (OrbisMusic 2003) “Presence” with Ole Mathisen, Marcello Pellitteri (OrbisMusic 1999) “Orbis” with Tim Ray, Bob Moses (OrbisMusic 1998) “Pentimento” with Donny McCaslin, Dan Reiser (BostonSkyline1992)

As a sideman

“Fine Whines” Brooke Sofferman, Jerry Bergonzi (Summit 2008)

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