Bronwyn Cronin

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2019-03-01

I was first introduced to this wonderful art form by my late grandfather, Frank A. Masi. Not only did he play it, he lived it. This rare and precious soul taught me to cling onto the uniqueness of my own being, despite the deafening scream of conformity. Like most musicians, my grandpa also worked a day job, but he was diligent to carve out time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life like water color painting, discovering new melodies on the piano, and pondering and discussing life's most important questions. I will forever cherish the memories of us enjoying a cup of coffee while exchanging our ideas on philosophy in cozy book stores in St. Petersburg, FL. Frank spoke of being your true self and continuing to seek freedom of expression through art. This philosopher and jazz artist had a knack for making you feel important and respected, and I believe this was because he realized what a special gift this life truly is. He played gigs well into his 80's and I was honored to have him play both violin and piano at my wedding. Although my beloved grandfather has crossed over to the other side, his legacy of free expression beats strongly in the tunes that I swing.

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