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Great, but obscure albums to purchase

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I am a 30 year old English Pianist who has been in love with Jazz ever since hearing Herbie Hancocks 1973 Headhunters album way back in about 1985. Since then My tastes have grown to include the following which at present take up much of my listening time.

McCoy Tyner—Fly with the Wind (Milestone 1976)

Tyner's playing has always compelled me and his solo's always completely blow me away on everything.

Patrice Rushen—Prelusion (Prestige 1974)

I've always quite liked Patrice Rushen especially when she goes into Herbie Hancock mode as evidenced on this album. Perhaps contains the greatest Fender Rhodes solo of all time on H'Awright Now? Any doubters!?!

Woody Shaw—Rosewood (Sony 1977)

I really like this album as it contains a great variety of music settings and sounds like as though the band are really enjoying themselves.

Hush and Thunder—Yusef Lateef (Atlantic 1973)

Kenny Barron is for me one of the funkiest and most influential pianists out there, and this album showcases a few of his tracks with Yusef Lateef. The track Sunset is an all time classic.

That will do for now!!

Cheers Neil

Date: 15-Apr-1999 02:24:14
From: Patrick Tiglao ( )
Chick Corea Akoustic Band Live at The Blue Note , Trio Music live in Europe Elektric Band Inside Out Branford Marsalis Trio- Bloomington, The Beautiful ones.. John Coltrane—Transitons,Meditations,Coltrane's Sound Crescent Cal Tjader- Grace Cathedral concert,Latin Concert Jackie Terrasson- Any CD Brad Mehldau- Live at the Village Vanguard Kenny Garrett-Triology Any Elvin Jones Jazz Machine Any Non-Lifetime Tony Williams Count Basie -Live in Europe Philly joe Jones-big band sounds Miles Davis Sorceror Highlights of the Plugged Nickel Dave Holland—Razor's Edge Gateway feat. John Abercrombie, Dave holland and Jack Dejohnette Any small group Benny Goodman,Count Basie ,Duke Ellington, Any Jelly Roll Morton Early Early Dizzy Gillespie Big band John Mcglaughlin -Free Spirits Live at the Blue note Tokyo .....Best i could do without taking up too much space or time..

Date: 21-Apr-1999 03:41:49
From: Tommy ( )
1.gerry mulligan meets ben webster. 2.salt & paper- sonny sttit& paul gonsalves. 3. gene hammons- boss tenor

Date: 03-May-1999 13:42:46
From: Nathanial Hendler
Here's some albums that I wouldn't leave off of a top 100 list, but other people do (damn them!)...

Jimmy Giuffre 3 Chet Baker & Gerry Mulligan Ellington at Newport (ok, nobody leaves this off their list) Money Jungle Undercurrent—Evans/Hall Bassie '88 Soundtrack for Kansas City

Date: 03-May-1999 15:34:17
From: Marc
Check out the Armstrong/Bruebek "the Real Ambassadors."

Date: 08-May-1999 01:21:01
From: Nick Meyer
A very obscure, extraordinary album is:

"String Fever" by Chuck Wayne which is a big band recording by Columbia Record in the very late 50's. Al Cohn and Don Joseph are in the band—a small big band that plays together beautifully. Incredible chemistry. This is also Wayne at his most directly emotional best. I wish someone at Columbia would go thru the vaults and reissue this—it was an excellent sound recording at the time. It also has historical importance—not only that Wayne was involved, but also it was the first big band session led by a guitarist. The arrangements were by Wayne also.

Date: 10-May-1999 22:07:51
From: David ( )
Actually one gem I haven't seen on the list (or may have just bleeped over) is: Freddie Hubbard's "Night of the Cookers: Live at Club La Marchal" 2cd on Blue Note.

With Hubbard and Lee Morgan on (occas. dueling) trumpets and Big Black on Conga, this package smokes. Every track breaks the 19 minute barrier, but it's worth the time.

Other CDs worth checking out:

Art Blakely—The Freedom Rider, etc.

Ornette Coleman—Chappaqua Suite 2cd (sadly only currently available as an import), Tomorrow is the Question, etc.

and the usual suspects, inc. the works of Albert Ayler, Anthony Braxton, Derek Bailey, and Mr. Sun Ra.

Most Underrated Jazz Book: New Dutch Swing by Kevin Whitehead. Anyone more familar with Amsterdam Jazz (Han Bennink, Misha Mengelberg, Clusone 3, etc.) want to make any recommendations?

Date: 10-May-1999 22:13:01
From: david ( )
Almost Forgot: Cal Tjader—Soul Sauce (Verve)

Date: 24-May-1999 09:06:58
From: J Russo
Bill Evans—Conversations with Myself Billie, Ella, Lena, Sarah Cassandra Wilson—New Moon Daughter Terrence Blanchard—Jazz in Film Miles Davis and John Coltrane Anything by Mlies, Trane, Duke, McCoy Tyner (almost anything), Thelonius Monk, etc.

I also think that Anita Baker totally missed her calling—she should have sung with some of these greats!

Have fun

Date: 31-May-1999 15:16:25
From: tomasaba ( )
some choice material that most would label as "non jazz" yet still incorporates all of the best improvisational elements.


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