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  • Jackson: father Chubby (b) and his son Duffy (dm & voc) and Chip ?
  • Jackson: Oliver (dm) was the uncle of Ali (dm) and Khalil (tp)
  • Jackson: Quentin Leonard "Butter" (tb) was the brother-in-law of Claude Jones (tb)
  • Jacobs: Willem Bernard "Pim" (p & comp) is the older brother of Rudolf "Rudy" (b & ts)
  • Jacquet: Illinois (ts) and his older brother Russel (tp)
  • Jaffe: Nat (p) was married to singer Shirley Lloyd
  • Jamal: Khan - real name: Warren Robert Cheeseboro - (vibes) is the son of Willa Mae McGee (p)
  • James: Elmore (g & voc) and Homesick (g & voc & b) were brothers-in-law
  • James: Harry (tp & leader), whose father Everrett was a conductor, was married to Louise Tobin (voc), who later married Peanuts Hucko
  • James: Hubert & Herman are the uncles of Charles Henry Sullivan (all - tp)

  • James: Stafford (b & cello & comp) and Don (sax) are brothers
  • Janis: Conrad (tb & leader) is the son of jazz-author Harriet Janis who wrote (with Rudi Blesh) "They all played Ragtime"
  • Jasper: Bobby (fl & ts) was married to Blossom Dearie (p & voc)
  • Jarrett: Keith (p) and his son Gabe (p)
  • Jerret: Nick - real name: Nicholas Bertocci - was the brother of singer Frances Wayne
  • Johnson: Albert J. "Budd" (cl & saxophones) was the younger brother of Frederic "Keg" (tb)
  • Johnson: Alonzo "Lonnie (g & voc) was the brother of James "Steady Roll" (p)
  • Johnson: Howard William "Swan" (as & cl & p & arr) was the brother of Bobby (g & bjo)

  • Johnson: "Blind" Willie (voc & g) and his wife Angeline (voc)
  • Johnson: William Geary "Bunk" (co) was the brother-in-law of George Baquet (cl)
  • Johnson: Woodrow Wilson "Buddy" (p & arr & comp & voc) was the brother of singer Ella
  • Jones: Carmell (tp) was the husband of singer Christine, who married Klaus-Peter Schrammel (p), and father of her daughter Stella (voc)
  • Jones: Claude (tb) was the brother-in-law of Quentin Jackson (tb)
  • Jones: Hank (p) and his younger brothers Thad (tp & flugelhorn & arr & bandleader) and Elvin (dm)
  • Jones: Jonah (tp) was married to Elizabeth Bowles (tb)
  • Jones: Reunald (tp) was the cousin of Joe (as) & Roy Eldridge (tp)
  • Jones: Isham Russel II. "Rusty" is the grandnephew of bandleader Isham Jones

  • Jones: Sam is the cousin of Al Hall (both - b)
  • Jones: Wilmore "Slick" (dm) and his brother Gil (leader)
  • Jones: Wallace (tp) was the cousin of Chick Webb (dm)
  • Jordan: Kidd (sax) and his sons Kent (g) and Marlon (tp)
  • Jordan: singer Sheila - née Dawson - was married to Duke (p)
  • Jordan: James "Taft" (tp & voc) was the cousin of Dave Riddick (tp)
  • Josel: the jazzing section-leader of the "Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra" Rudolf (tb) has a son Peter (p) and a younger brother Manfred (dm) which son Gregor plays dm
  • Josie: singer Marva was married to Earl "Father" Hines (p & voc & leader)
  • Katz: Frederick "Fred" (p & cello & comp) was the son of Dr.Hyman Katz (b & g)
  • Keppard: Freddie (co) was the younger brother of Louis (g & tuba)

  • Kenton: Bandleader Stan (p) married singer Ann Richards
  • Kern: Peter was married to Kathi - née Köttl - (both - g & voc)
  • Keys: Calvin (g & comp) was the nephew of blues-singer St.Louis Jimmy
  • Kimball: Ira (dm) was the grandfather of Phillip Sanford Wilson (dm)
  • Kimura: Junko (p) is the wife of Kunihiko Sugano (p)
  • King: Louise (voc) from the "King Sisters" was married to Alvino Rey (g & leader)
  • King: blues-guitar-player Saunders from Chicago is the father-in-law of Carlos Santana (g)
  • King: singer Nora Lee was married to Lawrence Lucie (g & voc)
  • Kirby: bandleader John (b) was married to Maxine Sullivan (voc)
  • Kirk: bandleader Andrew Dewey "Andy" (bass-sax & bs & tuba) was married to Mary Colston (p) and the father of Andy jr. (ts)
  • Kirkpatrik: Don (p) married the sister of Johnny Hodges (as)

  • Klein: Emmanuel "Manny" (tp), Dave (tp), Sol (violin) ans Merrill (b) were brothers
  • Klein: Oscar (tp & g & hm) was married to singer Miriam and their sons David (ts & dm) & Peter (ts)
  • Kolaja: Gerd (sax) and Jan (tp) are brothers
  • Kolax: blues-tp-player King Kolax - real name: William Little - is the brother-in-law of Sun Ra (p & leader) - real name: Herman Blount -
  • Kral: Roy (p & voc), who was married to singer Jackie Cain, and his younger sister is Irene (voc), who wwas married to Joe Burnett (tp)
  • Kuhn: Rolf (cl) and his younger brother Joachim (p & as)
  • LaBarbera: Pat (Pascel) (ts) is the older brother of John (tp & arr) and Joe (Joseph James) (dm)
  • Ladnier: Tommy and his younger brother Calvin (both - co & tp)

  • Laine: Cleo - née Clementia Dinah Campbell - (voc) and her husband John Dankworth (sax & leader) and their son Alec (b)
  • Laine: "Papa" Jack (dm & alto-horn & leader) was the father of Alfred "Baby" (co & dm)
  • Lamare: Hilton Napoleon "Nappy" (g & bjo & voc) and his brother Jimmy (sax)
  • Lamb: the vocalist Jeannie is married to Danny Moss (ts)
  • Land: Harold (ts) and his son Harold, Jr. (p)
  • Lang: Eddie - real name: Salvatore Massaro - and his sister Eadie (both - g)
  • Larkin: Milton "Tippy" (tp & valve-tb & voc) and his son Milton jr. (tp)
  • LaRocca: Dominic James "Nick" (co & tp & comp) and his son James (tp)
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