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  • Reiger: singer Ines is married to Paul Pawluk (tp & arr)
  • Reinhardt: Django was the older brother of Joseph (g), the cousin of Roger Chaput and the father of Babik (all - g) and the grand-uncle of "Schnuckenack" (violin)
  • Reinhardt: Franz "Schnuckenack" (violin) is the grand-nephew of Django and the father of Forello & Ricardo (both - g) and Torino (violin)
  • Rena: Joseph (dm) was the older brother of René "Kid" (co)
  • Rettenbacher: Hans was the older brother of Harry (both - b)
  • Rey: Alvino (g & leader) was married to Louise King (voc) from the "King Sisters"
  • Reys: Rita (voc) was married to the drummer Wessel Ilcken or Ilken from the Netherlands
  • Riccio: Patrick Joseph "Pat" (as & bs & cl) was the brother of James (ts)
  • Rice: Eli (ts) was the father of Sylvester (dm)
  • Richards: singer Ann married Stan Kenton (p & leader)
  • Ringwood: Ron (voc & management) was associated with Lindy "Lady Bass" Huppertsberg (b & voc)

  • Riddick: Dave (tp) was a cousin of Taft Jordan (tp & voc)
  • Rinker: Al (voc) from Paul Whtieman's "Rhythm Boys" (another member: Bing Crosby) was the brother of Mildred Bailey (voc)
  • Roach: Max (dm) and his daughter Maxine (viola), he was married to singer Abbey Lincoln
  • Roane: Kenneth A. (tp & sax & cl & oboe & arr) was the older brother of Eddie (tp)
  • Robichaux: John (leader & violin & dm) was the uncle of Joseph (p) and related to the Dodds brotherrs
  • Rollini: Adrian (bass-sax & p & vibes & dm) was the older brother of Arthur (cl & ts)

  • Robinson: Perry Morris (cl) is the son of composer (Ballad for Americans) Earl
  • Roney: Wallace (tp) and his younger brother Antoine (ts)
  • Rosengarden: Robert M. "Bobby" (dm) is the father of Mark (dm) and Neal (tp & p)
  • Ross: singer Annie - real name: Annabelle Short - was the niece of Elly Logan (voc)
  • Rotis: Joe (tb) was the brother-in-law of Irving Fazola (cl & sax)
  • Rowles: Jimmy (p) and his daughter Stacey (tp)
  • Royal: Ernie (tp) is the younger brother of Marshall (as) who married Evelyne Myers (voc)
  • Russel: William (Eu)Gene (p & comp) is a cousin of Charlie Christian (g)
  • Russel bandleader Luis Carl was the son of Felix Alexander (both - p)
  • Russel: Isaak "Snookum" (p & leader & b & dm) was the brother of Allen (voc)
  • Russin: Irving "Babe" (ts & cl) was the brother of Jack - who worked sometimes as "Rasin" - and had a sister Sunny (both - p)

  • Ryerson: Ali (fl) is the daughter of Art (g)
  • Rypdal: Terje (g & fl & ss & comp) is the son of Jakob (leader) and the husband of Inge-Liser (voc)
  • Sachs: Aaron (cl & ts) was married to Helen Merrill (voc)
  • Sandke: Randy is the younger brother of Jordan (both tp)
  • Santana: pop-idol Carlos (g) is the son-in-law of blues-player Saunders King (g) from Chicago
  • Sarmanto: Heikki (p) is the older brother of Pekka (b) from Finland
  • Saunders: organ-player Merl was the cousin of Eddie Moore (b)
  • Scaffidi: Ralph (tp) was married to Mary Osborne (g & voc & leader)
  • Schellang: drummer August "Augie" was the nephew of Tony Parenti (cl)
  • Schiefer: Walter (dm) and his son Helmuth (perc)
  • Schoen: Vic (arr & leader) was married to singer Marion Hutton

  • Schrammel: Klaus-Peter (p) is the 2nd husband of Christine Jones and the stepfather of Stella Jones (both - voc)
  • Schuller: Gunther (comp & arr & french-horn) and his son Ed (b)
  • Scott: Cecil (reeds) was the younger brother of Lloyd (dm) and the father of Cecil jr. (sax)
  • Scott: Raymond - real name: Harold Warnow - (p & leader) was the brother of Mark Warnow (violin)
  • Scott: Shirley (hammond-organ) was married to Stanley Turrentine (ts)
  • Scott: Thomas Wright "Tom" (saxophones & fl) is the son of Margery (p) and Nathan Wright (comp)
  • Sealy: Milton Randolph "Milt" (p & vibes & b) George (sax) and Hugh (sax) were brothers
  • Sears: Al and Marion were brothers (both - sax)
  • Sharrock: Linda - née Chambers - (voc) and Sonny (g & comp) are a couple
  • Shavers: Charlie was a distant relative of Fats Navarro (both - tp)

  • Shaw: Joan - real name: DeCosta - (voc & comp) was the niece of Bootsie (voc & dancer)
  • Shepherd: Berisford "Shep" (dm & arr) is the uncle of Sid Francis (b) and Mike Headley (ts)
  • Shields: Pat (g), Eddie (p), Harry (cl & bs) and Larry (cl) were brothers
  • Shorter: Wayne (ts) and his brother Alan (flugelhorn)
  • Shulman: Joe (b) was the husband of Barbara Carroll (p)
  • Sillaway: Ward (tb) married the Bob-Crosby-vocalist Kay Weber
  • Silvano: Judi (voc) and her husband Joe Lovano (ts)
  • Simmons: Sonny (as) is the husband of Barbara Donald (tp & leader)
  • Sims: John Haley "Zoot" (ts) was the younger brother of Ray (tb)
  • Sinatra: Frank (voc) & his daughter Nancy and his son Frank jr. (both voc)
  • Singleton: Arthur James "Zutty" (dm) was the nephew of Willie "Bontin" Bontemps (b &g & bjo)
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