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From This Moment Forward

Orlando Madrid

Released: 2024
Duration: 56:00
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Never for Ever; Blue and Gold; From This Moment Forward; Quintessential; Noelia; MÁS SANGRE!; Enjoy It While It Lasts; Right Flank.


Album Description

From This Moment Forward - Liner Notes

The vision of this album all started while watching a video of Wayne's World: Wayne Shorter With The Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra feature on Jazz Night in America, narrated by Christian McBride. It opens up with Wayne being asked a question, What do you think about when you play?

Wayne’s answer:
“Try to play what you wish for, play how you wish the world to be.”

He later goes on to mention that he practices Nichiren Buddhism and lives by a mantra, “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo” Meaning from this moment forward is the first day of my life.

I was blown away by this being that Wayne has always been such an inspiration in my life musically and as a composer. A living legend and master. It’s hard to underestimate everything he has done for this music. He inspired the name and track of the album, From This Moment Forward. Second chances don’t come by too often and I feel that I have been given a second chance in life being back here in New York pursuing my dreams and learning from so many masterful musicians and human beings. .

The first track on the record, "NEVER FOR EVER," was inspired by listening to Dave Pietro's composition "Vicissitudes" from his album Now Becoming Then. It has a 12/8 Afro Cuban vibe and lends itself to being flexible enough to go in and out of a swing feel, depending on the moment at hand. Minor/Major harmonic palette is present throughout because I have always dug that sound.

The second track on the album, entitled "BLUE AND GOLD," was written in dedication to the recent invasion and hardships Ukraine had to overcome with Russia.While finishing up an Artist Diploma at NYU May 2022, the Ukrainian village was near the area and I used to try and support as many Ukrainian owned businesses as possible. There was one of my favorite spots called Blue and Gold, which was a Ukrainian Bar that had billiards. It was the hang after many performances with the band on this record. This composition of mine is a blues with a bridge with a Joe Henderson vibe.

The third track on the album is the title track entitled, "FROM THIS MOMENT FORWARD." A Wayne Shorter inspired original I wrote this year. The phrase , “from this moment forward is the first day of my life'' has so much meaning to me because it serves as a vision to be present in every moment in life because life is so precious; you never know when it will be your last moment.

"QUINTESSENTIAL" is a composition I wrote when I went to the Eastman School of Music for my master's degree. It also features a layered intro that is repeated five times. It's a swing tune in three-four that is transformed through developing motifs and a root movement with a nice stepwise motion. It ends with a tag that features one of my favorite harmonic colors in the entire world, the infamous major seventh sharp eleventh. "NOELIA" is a beautiful ballad inspired by a dear friend, Noelia de la Rosa. It starts with a duo between piano and alto and then evolves into the entire group.

The sixth track is "MAS SANGRE!" This composition is an original I composed for my musical brother back home in Las Cruces/El Paso, Allan Rodriguez. The piece embodies his spirit, positivity, musical influence, and joy he is all about. I performed with Allan regularly in the Las Cruces, El Paso and Mexico areas. He is a pianist, organist, composer, educator, and dear friend who showed me the world of Latin Jazz, Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Bolero, Cha-Cha, and Banda way of life. While blowing solos on a gig, he'd yell out to me many times, "MAS SANGRE!"

"ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS" is an original composition that I wrote this year based in five-four. It was inspired by listening to Brian Blade's Fellowship Band and, more specifically, Jon Cowherd's tune entitled "Crooked Creek." I know I wanted to feature guitarist, incredible musician and friend, Robert Papacica on this track from the beginning, and he played beautifully on it. It is built on rhythmic syncopation of the and of five, featured throughout the composition with lush parallel and contrary counterpoint, melodically and harmonically.

The last track on the album is "RIGHT FLANK," a composition by pianist Arnie Sainz. He wrote this for me to feature the group and highlight his composition talent and experience. It has been an honor to perform this track and add this original by amazing musician, pianist, composer and friend Arnie Sainz to the album.



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