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History of Jazz Timeline: 1979

Charles Mingus dies on January 5 at the age of 56 in Mexico. That same day, 56 whales beach themselves on the shores of Mexico.
Trumpet virtuoso Wynton Marsalis comes to New York and a hard bop revival will soon be underway.
A jam session at the Brecker brothers' club will produce the group Steps Ahead.
Gil Scott Heron is experimenting with a new form of music which involves spoken poetry set to music, similar to what will later be known as hip hop and rap.
Vocalese singer Eddie Jefferson dies on May 9 in Detroit, Michigan.
Sony Walkman The first Sony Walkman (model TPS-L2) hits the market. Two years later the word "Walkman" enters the dictionary, and the product changes listening habits forever.
Max Roach and Anthony Braxton record One in Two, Two in One (Hat Hut), their second duo album.

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