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Dan Bilawsky

Jazz journalist, jazz adocate, jazz fan.

About Me

My interest in jazz and all things jazz-related really began as an outgrowth of my general interest and background in music. As a band director, working with concert bands, marching bands and jazz bands, I am around music all the time now and it's wonderful that my vocation and avocation cross paths in many ways. When I was younger, my mother introduced me to recordings from jazz greats, like Dave Brubeck, Buddy Rich, Oliver Nelson, Max Roach and other legends, but I failed to really develop an interest in jazz at that time. As I got a little older, I became very involved in my school band program and started to study percussion seriously. As a result of my study and interest, I joined my high school jazz band on drums but I still didn't really develop much passion for jazz. While I was always a music collector and avid music listener, most of what I heard and encountered was rock-based. As I got older and went away to study Music Education at Indiana University, I discovered lots of terrific music, often through a "six degrees of separation" scenario, and I began to really appreciate a lot of what I heard. This initial interest, combined with a passion for music history, kept leading me to new discoveries which would, in turn, lead me somewhere else. Many years, hundreds of live shows, thousands of CD's and a few college degrees later.....and I'm still listening, learning and following the constantly evolving art form that we call jazz!

My Favorites

  1. Stefon Harris-African Tarantella
  2. Stan Getz-Captain Marvel
  3. Sonny Rollins-Way Out West
  4. Sonny Rollins-Saxophone Colossus
  5. SFJazz Collective-SFJazz Collective Live 2005
  6. Ron Miles-Heaven
  7. Miles Davis/Gil Evans-Sketches of Spain
  8. Miles Davis-Kind of Blue
  9. John Coltrane-Crescent
  10. Andrew Hill-Passing Ships
  11. Michel Petrucciani-Both Worlds
  12. Madeleine Peyroux-Careless Love
  13. Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington-The Great Summit
  14. Kate McGarry-Mercy Streets
  15. Joshua Redman-Elastic
  16. Anat Cohen-Noir
  17. Jacky Terrasson-Smile
  18. Gary Burton-Tennessee Firebird
  19. Gary Burton-Country Roads and Other Places
  20. Frank Sinatra-Point of No Return
  21. Frank Sinatra-Sinatra at the Sands
  22. Ella Fitgerald & Louis Armstrong-Ella & Louis
  23. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong-Ella & Louis Again
  24. Duke Ellington & John Coltrane-Duke Ellington & John Cotrane
  25. Duke Ellington's Spacemen-The Cosmic Scene
  26. Duke Ellington & Coleman Hawkins-Duke Meets Coleman Hawkins
  27. Donald Byrd-Royal Flush
  28. Dino Saluzzi-Responsorium
  29. Dave Douglas-The Infinite
  30. Count Basie-Complete Clef/Verve 1950's Studio Sessions
  31. Count Basie-The Complete Atomic Basie
  32. Chiara Civello-Last Quarter Moon
  33. Chiara Civello-The Space Between
  34. Charlie Haden & Hank Jones-Steal Away
  35. Charles Mingus-Mingus Ah Um
  36. Charles Lloyd-Sangam
  37. Terence Blanchard-A Tale of God's Will
  38. McCoy Tyner-The Real McCoy
  39. Buddy Rich-"Live" Wham!
  40. Brian Blade Fellowship-All recordings
  41. Bill Frisell-Have A Little Faith
  42. Bill Frisell-Gone, Just Like A Train
  43. Bill Frisell-Nashville
  44. Bill Frisell Quartet
  45. Bill Frisell-East/West
  46. Ben Webster & Oscar Peterson-Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peterson
  47. Wes Montgomery-Smokin' At The Half Note
  48. Wes Montgomery-Bumpin'
  49. Grant Green-Idle Moments
  50. .........and many more