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John Murnane

John Murnane teaches History at Worcester Academy and is a life-long Jazz lover.

About Me

John Murnane began teaching history at Worcester Academy in 1997. He has a B.A. from State College, an M.A. from the University of Massachusetts and a Ph.D. from Clark University. Chair of the History and Social Sciences Department and Director of the Open Gates program at WA, Dr. Murnane is also a part-time Instructor of History at Fitchburg State College. Two of his articles appeared recently Japan's Monroe Doctrine?: Re-Framing the Story of Pearl Harbor,The History Teacher (August, 2007), and Reversing the Disneyfication Process,World History Connected (October 2007). Dr. Murnane served as the Arts and Humanities Curriculum Coordinator at Worcester Academy for two years (2004-6). He lives in Fitchburg with his wife and two sons and plays the saxophone and the clarinet. He is currently working on an article tracing the deeper roots of Miles Davis's Sketches of Spain, back to the Flamenco and Arab traditions.

My Favorites

  1. Miles Davis - Jazz in Paris
  2. Dexter Gordon - Our Man in Paris