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Meryl Romer

Meryl sings her original pieces and jazz standards with a warm sensuality, tenderness of heart and honest interpreations which breathe love and life into the tunes.

About Me

"Singing gives me a chance to open to and play with aspects of life that are an expansion of my daily landscape. The songs offer me an opportunity to explore a palette of characters, emotions, stories, rhythms and moods. It is through my voice that I experience the shapes, shadows and subtlety of the movements that allow me to step out of daily routine. The songs are my avenue to give voice to the yearnings of my heart and soul." Meryl Romer Meryl's first recorded outing as a jazz contralto, on "So Sure" is at once adventurous and articulate, playful yet sophisticated as she interprets jazz standards and makes them her own. Meryl's original pieces display an honesty only life can teach and her Dylan interpretation is a truly wonderful surprise. "So Sure" include three original peces, penned for her by songwriter/producer Casey Collins and composer Eric Moon. "I've Waited Long Enough", "Right on Time", and title track "So Sure" tell of Meryl's story of having waited long enough to follow and explore her singing passion. "I've often said that I've been singing these songs my whole life...I just never opened my mouth. I began whispering lyrics when I was 11 years old and gathered the courage to begin to sing forty years later." Meryl covers standards ranging from Toots Thielemans to Rodgers and Hart and never selections by Cassandra Wilson and Bob Dylan. Her choice of songs reflect her feelings and fantasies about relationships, play, commitment and determination. Meryl's music collaborators on "So Sure" are inspired and masterful musicians who have created pulsing, mlodern jazz arrangements that support Meryl as she breathes love and life into the tunes. Meryl joined with pianist/arranger Erik Deutsch; guitarist/arranger Bill Kopper; bassist Jonti Siman; drummer Marc Dalio; tenor saxophonist/flutist Robert Kyle; and drummer (track 1) Brian McRae to record "So Sure". Meryl lives with her husband/executive producer Sheldon Romer in the close-in mountains surrounding Boulder, Colorado. She performs in the Boulder/Denver area with a revolving group of musicians. "The feelings these songs elicit from me conjure shapes and sounds that tell stories that resonate with my own. Songs are like trying on tailored dresses. Some are like jeweled gowns which tell my story and others allow me to embody imagined, dreamt of characters". MERYL ROMER