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Ava Lemert

Ava Lemert: Soulful Saxtress, Singer & Songwriter

About Me

A native of Southern California, Ava Lemert was submerged in music from birth having a Mother and two elder sisters who were active musicians in the household to influence her. So, it was no surprise that by age 7, Ava was producing her own "radio programs" including her own DJ personna "Kay Kay Dee Jay" on her own cassette tape recorder. At age 11 Ava was writing music notation and submitting her compositions for voice, clarinet (her first school-taught instrument) and guitar to youth talent shows. In High School, Ava would record her keyboard parts, alto saxophone, drum machine, guitar and vocals into her make-shift ping-pong recording system, consisting of a boom box, 4 track cassette recorder and radio shack microphone. A unique lady of many talents, Ms. Lemert is not only a prolific songwriter, she is a very soulful vocalist, producer and multi- instrumentalist. However, Ava, when asked about her love for performing live shows states "When I bring out my tenor sax, I hear 'wow, do you play that thing?' all the time, because I'm just over 5 feet tall and I look like Lisa Simpson!" What also comes across about Ava is that she has a warm, vivacious personality that draws people in and makes the listener feel as if she is singing and or playing just for them, personally. GRAMMY AWARDS? Ava was just accepted as a full Voting Member into the The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, so her plans are budding to enter the 59th GRAMMY Awards next Spring, 2016. Ava has a busy graphic design business as well, furnishing her own visual branding in addition to being a volunteer librarian, History and Arts Commissioner for her city, Ava has also performed for local elementary schools, as well as given of her music, performance and personna to several local charities, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Northern California. She also enjoys frequently performing jazz standards at local assisted living and memory care homes near her home. For more information about Ava, visit her website at: and join her growing fan page at: