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Eric B. Goosenberg

My Jazz Story

I was first exposed to jazz as a young guitarist when my mother and her sister took me to jazz shows that they loved. They asked George Benson to sit with me and talk for a couple of minutes when he was on a break between sets and I will never forget that! Now that I'm an adult, I've become a huge fan of Jimmy Bruno, and we have become close friends. He's an absolutely stellar bop/post-bop (?) guitarist and a terrific person who has taught me an enormous amount about jazz.

My Favorites

  1. Jimmy Bruno - Like That
  2. Jimmy Bruno, Howard Alden & Frank Vignola - Concord Jazz Guitar Collective
  3. Chick Corea - My Spanish Heart
  4. Pat Metheny & Charlie Haden - Beyond the Missouri Sky
  5. Pat Metheny Group - Travels
  6. Bela Fleck - Tales from the Acoustic Planet I
  7. Bela Fleck & Hank Roberts Trio - Across the Imaginary Divide
  8. Martin Taylor - In Concert
  9. Rosenberg Trio - The Collection
  10. Django Reinhardt & Hot Club de France - Souvenirs