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Steve Cromity

Steve is a talented singer with a bebop style and a warm and disarming ease to his expressions

About Me

Jazz Vocalist, Steve Cromity the smooth, eloquent interpreter of song is continuing his emergent rise up the ladder of prominence in the jazz world. His cool and mellow style disarms you, his voice titillates your senses. Steve sings in the tradition reminiscent of the great male jazz singers. A native New Yorker, he’s performed at many of New York’s top venues, including Lenox Lounge, Birdland, Smoke, Cleopatra’s Needle, Katano, and Jazz 966. Steve's foray into the world of jazz was at the outset of his debut CD, “Steppin’ Out," in 2004. It was impressive and garnered considerable accolades. He presents the listener with the lyrics of many classic jazz standards, drawing them into the synergy between voice and instruments. His singing conveys the richness of the music, its history, depth, passion, and legacy. Steve’s love for jazz grew from his first hearing it as a child in his apartment above a neighborhood tavern. After spending many years as an ardent fan he realized the passion he had for the music and joined the noble art of performing jazz. He was ultimately inspired by Eddie Jefferson, Oscar Brown, Jr., and Johnny Hartman. Now having dedicated himself to the development of his voice, a style also emerged making him a talent. He is a flourishing part of the NYC jazz scene, making his presence felt in the tradition of the great male singers. From the very beginning, Steve worked with several leading NYC jazz musicians and some of them were on his first CD, with special thanks to tenor saxophonist, Eric Wyatt, who also brought in pianist, Rodney Kendrick; bassist, Joseph Lepore; and drummer, Emanuel Harold. Since then, he has worked with a good deal of other great NYC musicians including, James Weidman, Richard Clements, Paul Beaudry, Alex Layne, Bruce Cox, and Craig Haynes. Currently, Steve just completed the studio work for his new CD, which he expects to release in January of 2015. On that production he has Kenyatta Beasley, Trumpet; Patience Higgins, flute and soprano; Eric Wyatt, tenor sax; Marcus Parsiani, piano; Eric Lemon, bass; and Darrell Green, drums. Please read what some in the Jazz Media and one of the legends have said about his previous CD: • “… a straight ahead, crisply swinging session from a talented singer with impeccable diction and an ear for great songs”. - All About Jazz • “…a revered melodic accuracy, and cool and comfortable outlook that will put a smile on your face”. - Cadence Magazine • “…what Steve presents to us is Pure Honesty in his music…’Jazz is a cat being honest with himself’ (and thereby with us). And the hip part is that it works”! - Rob Crocker, WBGO FM-Radio personality • “I listened to “Steppin’ Out” in its entirety and I think your phrasing and your selection of material are in the hippest tradition of the art”. - Oscar Brown, Jr., the late, legendary singer and composers Steve can be reached for bookings at: (917) 685-3508 or [email protected] .