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Lenny Sharman

About Me

Lenny Sharman Producer for Firefly Soul is a contemporary Musician whose crafted songs are built upon the foundations of jazz contemporary world Fusion Soul In a genre laden world Firefly Soul has been able to create original songs that fuse heartfelt and memorable melodies with lyrics that tap into the universal consciousness of freedom, and love. While much of today’s music is fast becoming disposable consumer items Firefly Soul retains the integrity of fine crafted songs that you will want to listen again and again Firefly Soul has been able to create this impressive soundscape of music by melding the modern world of technology and software anchored by his own brand of cool live ‘feel’ Bass and guitar playing It is in his own studio where he can also collaborate with likeminded musicians and artist to delve into the world of song writing to bring you his impressive and powerful original style of music This fusion of vocals and complex harmonies ,lush and captivating orchestration with that smokey club live bass ,guitar and vocals is the essence to create that sometimes mystical and yet soulful smooth groove that is Firefly soul

My Favorites

  1. Firefly Soul- Album/Taking Time Out