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Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra

"When I hear your music, it makes my feet burn." -Ed O'Neill

About Me

The Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra (SWOJO) showcases the performance skills of leading female jazz artists in the Pacific Northwest. Performances by SWOJO include blistering blues, progressive and mainstream jazz, bebop standards, Count Basie style swing charts, Latin, and funk grooves. Thrown into the mix are originals and arrangements by Pacific Northwest composers/arrangers Nelda Swiggett, Jill Townsend, Al Farlow, Vern Sielert, Carmen Staaf, and Dr. Daniel Barry. Orchestra members can be seen on many stages and with other bands throughout the area, both as leaders and supporting musicians.

My Favorites

  1. United Women's Orchestra - Virgo Supercluster (JazzHausMusik)
  2. Jazz Police - The Music of Daniel Barry (Origin Records)
  3. Jill Townsend Big Band - Tales from the Sea (Pagetown Records)
  4. Maria Schneider - Concert in the Garden (ArtistShare)