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Daniel Barbiero

Double bassist, improviser, composer.

About Me

Daniel Barbiero (1958, New Haven CT) is a double bassist, sound artist and composer in the Washington DC area. He has released work under his own name and with electronics artist/bassist Cristiano Bocci; percussionist/electronics artist Massimo Discepoli, If, Bwana (Al Margolis); Ictus Records percussionist Andrea Centazzo; Blue Note recording artist Greg Osby; and electronic composer/sound artist Steve Hilmy among others. He frequently works with improvisational dancers and served as Musical Director for the Nancy Havlik Dancer Performance Group. In addition to his solo work he has presented new works with The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra and the Lower Mid-Atlantic Improvisers’ Orchestra. His writings on music appear in Avant Music News, Percorsi Musicali, Perfect Sound Forever, Arteidolia and other online publications, and he served as an editor of the online arts journal Bourgeon.