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Maxim Micheliov

Max is a music lover, web developer, a freelance journalist and a webmaster at NoBusiness Records. His mission is to build websites for jazz musicians.

About Me

Web development (which is a way to pin down a wide scope of disciplines ranging from design, coding, programming to search engine optimization web marketing and copy-writing) is my occupation and favourite activity. Music (mainly jazz and various forms of free improvisation) is my passion. Combining these two, I founded I build websites for musicians, venues, festivals, labels and music organizations. Music gives me great inspiration and adds meaning to my work. Being involved with web design I help musicians build professional web presentation for their works. Conducting interviews is yet another way to get first hands information from the artists. What else can be as exciting?! You can read more in a profile interview "Max Makes It Happen."

My Jazz Story

Jazz is a perfect combination of sensual and intellectual; balance of bodily and spiritual - divine and earthly, I am not afraid to say. For me it means being home as a mind, soul and body.

My Favorites

  1. Dominic Duval - Nightbird Inventions
  2. Howard Riley - Solo in Vilnius
  3. Andrew Hill - Passing Ships
  4. Daniel Levin Quartet - Blurry
  5. Bill Dixon Quartet - November 1981
  6. David S Ware Quartet - Live in Vilnius
  7. FAB Trio - A Night in Paris