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Khonsu Sokar Hu Re

My Jazz Story

My name is Khonsu, I was born in the 70s. Playing an instrument was never to popular amongst my generation. But these are my jazz lessons. As much as we hear jazz, the first time I began to pay attention was the first time I heard John Coltrane's Favorite Things. I heard this song before but not like this. There was no vocals, but the words grabbed me and I felt every word. John Coltrane made that sax talk. There are parts you can't put words to, but somehow I connected with the expression, I connected with the feeling. As the band plays everybody's saying "these are the sounds I like, and I feel good." I never heard jazz the same after that. I would listen to the voice of the instrument. Jazz exercises telepathy. The sound of Jazz is not always words. The sound is like a baby crying. Crying takes away the pain. Jazz can heal, and solve problems. From then on I yearned for that exercise. About three years ago I met a man who I feel everyone should know. His name is Calvin Benson. I would go to his house, before he passed away. He was such a blessing to the world, I didn't think he would die. He had a lot to offer the world. He was a bassist. The class was Rhythm Construction. Walking in Calvin's house was like walking into a ship about to take off. I was into hip hop at the time, so I was blind folded. Calvin knew at some point I would have to choose. I choose jazz. But I was too premature to walk out on my own. I never played an instrument and I never heard him play. He was a professional. Through Calvin, the name Jymie Merritt came, "Absolution" is the song. Read the title, close your eyes and listen to it. Clean and cook to it. Do your homework. Flush your system. Forgive people. Correct your problems. Count your blessings and smile.