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Joseph Goehle

My Jazz Story

My name is Joe Goehle. I am originally from Buffalo, NY and I have recently moved to New York City to pursue a Master's degree in Jazz Performance from NYU. The bass is what I use to express myself in the medium of jazz. I love jazz because it is a challenge, yet it is a completely natural impulse. Listening to jazz is challenging, yet freeing. Practicing jazz is challenging, yet rewarding. Performing improvised music is, to me, a completely authentic connection between human life and I strive to make that connection as much as possible. I have a deep hunger to listen and absorb as much as possible. I love to learn and I love being turned on to musicians I have never heard of. I love laying on a hard wood floor with headphones on and imagining a recorded performance. I love singing along with the greats and trying to challenge them during improvisations. To answer at least one question: My advice to new listeners is not to let the label of "Jazz" bog you down. "Jazz" is a subset; it falls under "Improvised Music." "Improvised Music" falls under the label "Music." I could keep listing the labels, but eventually it would reach some label of "Life," or perhaps, "Humanity." Never let a label stop you from listening to something or keeping you ears open for something that is not considered "Traditional." It's all good; it is your job to find out what that good is for you.

My Favorites

  1. "The Big Beat" - Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers
  2. "You Must Believe In Spring" - Bill Evans