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Phil Cavalieri

I wanna jazz + funk

About Me

Born in 1974, Filippo “Phil” Cavalieri grew up in an era where jazz- rock was at it's peak. His formative musical years took place in Ferrara (Italy) where he played in the clubs with all kinds of bands playing everything from Jimi Hendrix to Barry White. As he was learning his instrument, Phil was influenced by Santana, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, and the guitarist of the classic rock band of the seventies. Even though Cavalieri claims to be more of a blues-rock player, it was the influence of jazz that led him to the style of playing and composing in a different way of look at the improvisation. Phil finished school and then moved to Holland where he studied and played with different jazz players , like Jan Kuiper, Winfred Buma and Leonardo Amuedo and attended the workshop of John Abercombie, Charlie Haden, Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, John Taylor, Tuck Andrews. Cavalieri started to play as pro in different bands around Italy in the middle nighties and in the meanwhile Phil has proven himself as a full class player and composer. In 2000, he started to play and compose with an independent label called “ Stranisuoni” and worked in different projects with the Italian pop singer Luca Bui, and bring his new tunes on national broadcast. After this experience of commercial music he turned back to jazz music and started again a new season of studies that took him far from the music for a full immersion research for a personal way of playing and compose. He attended the classes of new generation Italian jazz player like Paolo Ghetti, Fabio Petretti and graduated himself with a study in John Scofield music. The new way as independent artist started with the new composition that reflects the interest of the outside playing of John Scofield and the latest Wayne Krantz. The result it this new self release called “ The first third” that mix outside playing and a bit of psychedelic (“never forget the Grateful Dead!” seems to read between the guitar strings), where Phil played different instruments in every tracks, with of course the guitar as main instrument; that will be sell soon on Cdbacy jazz department. He currently teaches at Ferrara Music school of Modern Music and he is now writing his method of outside playing for fusion jazz guitarist, a revolutionary way for students to study the pluralities of outside playing with guitar.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz when meet also jazz and rock and swing with modern guitars. I love jazz when set music on a free level where improvisation meet scales rules and make a new rule where music meet freedom.