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Ralph Hepola

improvising tuba player: 20 songs & 12 videos at

About Me

Two Great Musical Groups HepTones: Music from Centuries Past + Jazz + Ballads + Blues + Latin The sound of jazz is the sound of surprise! Ralph Hepola's solo tuba unites with musical groundbreakers in both classical gems and contemporary jazz: truly unique, innovative and adventuresome! Listen to nine tracks & watch six videos. Route 3 - An American Musical Journey A trip through time and around the country! Revel in the music we all know and love. The Party Has Begun! Classic Jazz + the Roaring Twenties + the Swing Era + Back to the Fifties + Music from Movies and Broadway Shows Listen to eleven tracks & watch two videos. "Like" us on Facebook: "Subscribe" on YouTube: View videos and more on Vimeo: