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John Sharpe

John first fell under the spell of free jazz in the 1970s when he wistfully regarded the loft jazz scene from across the Atlantic

About Me

I first fell under the spell of American free jazz in the 1970s and I have remained captivated ever since. Over the years my tastes have expanded to encompass free improvisation and what is loosely described as creative music in all its guises, wherever its made. I started writing because so much of what I read about the music I loved was dismissive, uninformed or just plain wrong. I thought I could do better than that. I'm still trying after all these years. For me to write about something, I need a tangible object I can hold in my hand, preferably a CD. Downloads seem somehow ephemeral. They get lost on the hard drive, out of sight out of mind. Live music is my drug of choice. I'm lucky that I live within striking distance of London (just) so I can get to see top notch performers at places like the Vortex and Cafe Oto on a regular basis. I also love festivals so let me know if you would like me to cover yours. Follow me on Twitter @JazzSnipe

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because I never know what's coming next.

My Favorites

  1. Cecil Taylor - 3 Phasis
  2. Roy Campbell - Ethnic Stew And Brew
  3. Fred Anderson/ Kidd Jordan - 2 Days in April
  4. Thomas Borgmann - Stalker Songs
  5. William Parker - Peach Orchard
  6. Other Dimensions in Music - Live at the Sunset
  7. Wadada Leo Smith - Ten Freedom Summers
  8. Steve Swell - This Now!
  9. Jemeel Moondoc - New World Pygmies
  10. Bill Dixon - Vade Mecum II
  11. David S Ware - Cryptology
  12. Joe McPhee - The Dream Book
  13. Raphe Malik - 21st Century Texts
  14. Anthony Braxton - Creative Orchestra Music 1976
  15. Anthony Braxton/ Muhal Richard Abrams - Duets 1976