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Farrell Lowe

About Me

I grew up as a farmer in the Ohio River Valley region (aka the middle of nowhere) and began playing the trumpet in the third grade, I began the guitar when I was 15 and have been playing that instrument ever since. My music is most strongly influenced by the work of Ornette Coleman, Ron Miles, Miles Davis, and Karlhienz Stockhausen. I'm a student of all sorts of the world of jazz, I love it from the earliest days to the most recent ideas taking place in the genre, I listen to music, old and new, from all over the globe, and especially enjoy Brazilian and African strains of said idiom.

My Favorites

  1. Brian Eno-Another Green World
  2. Ornette Coleman-In All Languages
  3. Ron Miles-My Cruel Heart
  4. Duke Ellington-The Okeh Collection
  5. Oliver Lake-Shine
  6. Michael Gregory Jackson-Gifts
  7. Weather Report-Live In Tokyo
  8. Anthony Braxton-The Complete Arista Recordings (on Mosaic)
  9. John Coltrane-A Love Supreme
  10. Andrew Hill-Point Of Departure