Mary Hecht

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2019-04-29

I was first exposed to jazz by my Country Star Gospel Bluegrass Mom. Her 1st Love was Jazz music. Her Mother was an excellent pianist and fiddle player. Mom still plays piano at 82...but knew she'd never be able to play like her Mother. My Mom was our choir director at church so yes she played and taught us how to Read the music not just sing. When she met my Dad in High School it was over...he was nothing but a Country gospel music man. They put together a band Jeannie Harte and Her Country Gentlemen in Pittsburgh PA. Mom picked a song out of some guys messy brief case Fools Fall in Love and Jimmy Wade wrote Just Hangin Around for their 45. We moved to Baltimore in mid ' older brother was born in 1956 and had the best record collection in our part of town. The record player was in my room and we would turn it down low but had Mom listen to Frank Zappa's more tame songs and she loves him to this day as a Jazz musician. I Love most music and find my arm flinging around mostly to Jazz music as if I am directing the recording...and am quite irritated when an instrument or sound doesn't come in when I'm expecting it to be there...Mothers of Invention was one of many wore out records...I'd move needle and find parts I liked Best. My advice to new listeners is listen to a wide variety of bands and go with what moves you.

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