Niko Rodamel

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2019-04-28

I like jazz because it is for me the marriage of music, artistic creation without borders and therefore freedom. I like to photograph jazz because each musician and each instrument plays the same role in it. Jazz is fun for the eyes as much as for the ears!

My House Concert Story

I live in France. For five years I took care of a festival ( and for ten years I am part of an association that programs jazz in a club and organizes a festival every year in Saint-Etienne: I photograph jazz and make reports for, and Perhaps the best moments are when I can meet the musicians after the show, when I can show them some pictures on the camera and exchange our contacts. Accompanying the musicians to their hotel is also a good time that sometimes extends with a good glass of wine and a long discussion about jazz or just life! I regularly perform exhibitions with my photos in France, but I dream of exhibiting one day in New York City or in other cities in the USA!

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