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Martin McFie

Promoting live jazz because, you had to be there.

About Me

In 2017, produced The Charleston Opera in a full production of "La Boheme", author of "The Jazz Corner Story" book which includes two live CDs, author of an attempt to demystify the structure of jazz music. In 2018, bringing together a jazz trio and Charlotte string quartet in a production of Beethoven 5th symphony, Barber's Adagio and Vivaldi Four Seasons ", all with jazz inflections. Working with AAJ to bring democracy to music through elections, vox populae, vox Deii. Working to reverse the loss of wider jazz audiences and the demise of jazz clubs because jazz, and all music, should be live and musicians should have a stage. The white heat of live performance generates the best music from jazz musicians who today consider virtuosity as standard. Born in London, now lives in Nice, France and Hilton Head, SC, traveling Europe and its jazz festivals in summer and hibernating in The South through the winter.

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2017-11-22

Jazz is an adventure, the heartbeat of American history.