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Annette Johnson

A writer at heart with a day job, I am a life long jazz fan who is obsessed with the idea of improvisation in life. I genuinely believe improvisation is good for the mind - an improv a day keeps the shrinks away!

About Me

I was born a long time ago, i am female and modest about my age. I want to explore writing about jazz in an improvisational style that readers will find funny, laugh a bit, say maybe it is not so bad after all, feel more light - hearted after reading. i have no musical training so depend on my ear and the feeling to tell me what is going on musically and whether I like it or not, am moved by it or maybe not moved today but could see it moving me tomorrow or the next day. If I had a do over in this life, I would play piano. I am interested in the potential of jazz as a unifying force and improvisation as a template we could all make use of from time to time. We often insist on thinking of things the same way over and over and hate the conclusion we come to - Einstein's definition of madness - why not change the way we think about stuff if we hate the conclusions thrown up by the old way of thinking? But you need a melody of thinking your own thoughts freely before you improvise because you may become simply confused if you improvise with no basis! Marley my hero said "jazz is a complete music" and now i begin to understand what he meant. Jazz is certainly a common denominator among nations and nationalities. One can always find a jazz club and other jazz fans whereever one goes, feel right at home. It is America's gift to the world! I am the author of A Jazzman's Tale, a book to be released on Amazon in the fall of 2017.

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