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Roger Weisman

Playwright, Culture Writer, Raconteur

About Me

Having his Bachelor’s degree in theatre, and his Master’s in Media Studies, Roger’s writing includes theatrical works as well as pieces of music and cultural criticism. He has contributed to several websites including The Huffington Post, JamBase, and The Waster, while maintaining own blog. Roger prefers staples to paperclips, vinyl to CDs, Moogs to ARPs, Coke to Pepsi, Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke, Star Wars to Star Trek, The Who to The Stones, and writing letters to making phone calls.

My Jazz Story

Jazz for me was like martinis: I pretended to like them when I was 18 but then found myself developing a taste for them, and then, ultimately, an insatiable thirst.

My Favorites

  1. Miles Davis - In a Silent Way
  2. Sonny Sharrock - Ask the Ages
  3. George Duke - Reach for It
  4. Larry Coryell - Live at the Village Gate
  5. Brand X - Moroccan Roll
  6. John Coltrane - My Favorite Things
  7. Herbie Hancock - Mwandishi
  8. Genesis - Selling England by the Pound
  9. The Who - Quadrophenia
  10. Tony Williams Lifetime - Emergency