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WHO WE ARE: We are CREATE A BAND MSP, the biggest collaborative effort in the MSP area. We create bands on the spot, providing background music for any person, place or thing. We utilize MSP's most talented Top Notch Musicians to get our point across to various venues throughout MSP. We have created a 22 piece Big Band-JAZz FINEST, under the Direction of Jim ten Bensel known by many of you, in the MSP communities.

We house close to 1000 musicians under our 1 (one) roof-Minnesota Musicians Membership Guild @ We are changing the face of the music scene 1 (one) day @ a time, in Minneapolis, MN.

We have a website that is under major, extensive construction, because so many industry personnel would like to get involved. They are linking in from across the USA and abroad.

However, we are offering the here and now of our philosophy: If as a musicians you can read, write and play music, on the spot, you are in our Top Notch Category, and that is what we are offering. Everyone else could be 2nd, 3rd & 4th level performers which give our Ole Timers a chance to teach the students how it is and was done, when they perfected it.

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO: Musicians need a following. Venues need revenue from the following. So our Musicians need to create a network of worth for the experience they have achieved, to show to the uprising stars of tomorrow.

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