Alex Franquelli

Freelance journalist and work in progress

About Me

It all began in 2001, when I started wondering why there were no websites reviewing quality music in Italian. The lack of good sources of information in my native language prompted me (together with a friend) to create a music website which, to our surprise, became an instant success. We would review obscure noise quartets from Poland and bright newcomers from Illinois, all for the sake of reading about them.

In 2003 I moved to London (UK), from where I started collaborating with magazines and websites writing album reviews, live reports and articles of various nature.

I have a background in philosophy and global politics, so it all makes perfectly sense. Even when it doesn’t.

My Jazz Story

Does jazz exist at all? One of the most fascinating questions I know. If it does, it must be an ever-changing dogma with multiple actors whose only discipline is freedom. After all, jazz is just another utopia with an amazing soundtrack. I like to think that I’ve spent my life trying to delay my encounter with jazz because I knew it would have changed my routine as a music lover. And so it did. I love it because it’s unpredictable, challenging, arrogant and reassuring at the same time. Because a (good) jazz record can make your day and change your mood in the space of a dissonance.

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