Nikolaj Nikitin

Nikolaj Nikitin

Instrument: Saxophone | Location: Slovakia

Updated: February 22, 2021

Born: May 16, 1983

Nikolaj Nikitin was born in Bratislava on May 16, 1983. Starting on recorder at the age of 7, Nikitin switched to clarinet at age 10 and to saxophone at age 19. By the age of 25, he was working regularly with the best jazz musicians in Slovakia and rest of the World.

Over the years, he has performed with artists as diverse as Patches Stewart, Miroslav Vitous, Tom Harrell, Johnathan Blake, Drew Gress, Gregory Hutchinson. He is co-leader of the Altar group with Slovak pianist Lubos Sramek. .

Solo Albums: Personal Suite (2012), New Winter Stories (2012), Boys For Music and Girls (2013), Aram's Father (2015)

Co-leader: Tales from My Diary feat. Miroslav Vitous (2014), Altar Duo (2017), Altar Quintet feat. Tom Harrell, Johntathan Blake ... (2020), Altar Quartets (2021), and many others...