Heather Ferguson

Heather Ferguson

Musicians | Instrument: Vocals | Location: Victoria

Beautiful expressive delivery and a gorgeous warm voice!

—Wendy Nixon Stothert, Choral Valley

Updated: September 19, 2022

Born: October 28, 1959

Called a “jazz sensation” by one writer, with another calling Heather Ferguson’s music, “lush, expertly performed, with an engaging setlist and…she will fill the room with her silky-smooth notes”.  Heather’s journey to music was long and winding but the singer, based in Victoria, Canada, is becoming known for her interpretations of great 20th century songs.

A family move took Ferguson from Toronto to a new home in Victoria, Canada, where she was one of the first to enroll in jazz vocals at the Victoria Conservatory’s newly opened Chywll Contemporary School.  After that it was just layers and layers of music for years after. During that time she found like-minded musicians who wanted to start a band so she cornered the great bassist Joey Smith at a gig one night to ask him to coach.  

Under Joey Smith’s mentorship Heather eventually graduated to solo shows at Victoria’s storied Hermann’s Jazz Club and then to recording, and the release of singles on various streaming services with producer Wynn Gogol. 

A dynamic and consummate performer with a smouldering sound and a soulful warm voice, Ferguson’s music can be found on streaming platforms including Spotify, YouTube and Apple and on many curated playlists. 


“Heather Ferguson specializes in the type of jazz that made Burt Bacharach a Hall of Famer in the 1960s and ’70s: Lush, expertly performed, and with an engaging setlist. Ferguson will fill the room with her silky smooth notes on Friday, backed by what she calls “the best guys in town.” She’s not wrong there. The addition of musicians Damian Graham, Tony Genge, Joey Smith, Miguelito Valdes and Barrie Sorensen makes this Friday night a seriously can’t-miss affair.” ~Mike Devlin



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