Heather Ferguson

Heather Ferguson

Instrument: Voice / vocals | Location: Victoria

Beautiful expressive delivery and a gorgeous warm voice!
—Wendy Nixon Stothert, Choral Valley

Updated: April 13, 2022

Born: October 28, 1959

I am embracing life’s second act with the same energy and excitement I used to tackle every other part of my life! That is to say, “A Lot”!

More than a decade in the making, my training in voice eventually pivoted to my true passion, jazz vocals; learning, recording, and performing with some of Victoria’s most accomplished musicians.

In the nineties, I met the late Trudy Desmond and saw her perform jazz. I loved watching and listening to her so much and I wanted to do it too. It felt natural and fun. I’d always loved to sing so I started again at Big Voice Studio in Toronto, then, after moving west, at the Victoria Conservatory of Music’s Contemporary School.

Eventually, as it does, one thing led to another. If you are going to sing you will find one day that you need to build skills to sing with a band, so I found like-minded people and convinced the great bassist Joey Smith to come on board as coach. Once I felt comfortable singing with a band, it made sense to perform more. Once I conquered that hill, I needed to record. And such are the tracks that music lays down in your life.

Now, I just keep doing it because the work gets deeper and more interesting with each passing year.

Today, I perform wherever I can, including shows at Hermann’s Jazz Club in Victoria. I am privileged to record with producer Wynn Gogol at 1 Ton Studios and I bring out a new single every couple of months or so

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“Heather Ferguson specializes in the type of jazz that made Burt Bacharach a Hall of Famer in the 1960s and ’70s: Lush, expertly performed, and with an engaging setlist.

Ferguson will fill the room with her silky smooth notes on Friday, backed by what she calls “the best guys in town.” She’s not wrong there.

The addition of musicians Damian Graham, Tony Genge, Joey Smith, Miguelito Valdes and Barrie Sorensen makes this Friday night a seriously can’t-miss affair.” ~Mike Devlin

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