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Yola Nash

YOLA NASH - Twice GRAMMY® considered, Hall of Fame Inductee & multiple award winning unique singer, songwriter, producer.

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GRAMMY® Award NEWS - Yola Nash's new album “Manhattan Whispers” was considered for a Grammy at 65th GRAMMY® Award.

Twice GRAMMY® considered, Hall of Fame Inductee, and multiple award winning jazzy singer, songwriter, visual artist and producer Yola Nash continues being an unstoppable force when it comes to her musical passion.  Just recently Yola was inducted into the Hall Of Fame by the Akademia Music Awards (Los Angeles) for her musical originality and unique talent.  The multitalented Polish-born artist known for her signature seductive sound offers her 3rd album as a leader entitled MANHATTAN WHISPERS. The sensual, dazzling album has already received multiple prestigious awards, a Grammy consideration and rave critic’s reviews. She co-produced the project with Grammy-winning producers/musicians Edsel Gomez and Lonnie Park. She is blending and blurring the lines between Jazz, Pop, Latin, Eastern European Folk, and Parisian avant-garde texture on accordion harmonics, creating a personal musical style that is irresistible. Just recently The Academy defined it as a new genre called Alternative Jazz. She delivers to her world-wide audiences an optimistic artful work that celebrates life and love in a worldly fashion, so timely and needed to give our minds escape from these troubled sociopolitical times. In addition to her recordings, the multimedia artist’s career highlights are very compelling. She sang for Pope John Paul II, performed and recorded with Grammy winning legend Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra, performed at world-famous NY Fashion Weeks, and in France during the 76th Cannes Film Festival at the prestigious GSF Awards. Yola Nash has come a long way to NYC, faced and triumphed over tremendous adversities, and lived to sing about it and inspire others to never ever give up and flourish in life.


​Critic’s Pick - All About Jazz “Yola Nash embodies the universality of jazz. Manhattan Whispers…perfects further her unique approach to seasoning elements of Latin jazz with musical spices of Eastern Europe. Nash's voice is sensual and breezy… She weaves together multiple cultures. Manhattan Whispers is a celebration of the mind and the heart.” ​Critic’s Pick - Best New Music - All About Jazz C. Michael Bailey

“Nash’s ...tracks are driven by some of the sexiest, sultriest and viscerally exotic jazz/world fusion expressions.” JwVIBE Magazine

“… lushly orchestrated, delightfully Parisian…, infectiously-imbibed, Latin-tinged work of musical art.” Exclusive Magazine

“…bringing a sensual atmosphere… enthusiastic… exuberant…brimming with zest for life. She makes a cross-over between jazz, pop, Latin and Eastern European music. In this way she arrives at a personal style.” Smooth Jazz de.Magazine

“Blending and blurring the lines between Jazz, Pop, Latin and Eastern European colors Yola's entire performance is imbued with fresh sparkling sensuality, and positive spirit accompanied by her brilliant band.” Jazz News

Five-time Grammy nominated Singer, Pianist Michael Feinstein stated: ”She has the most comforting beautiful voice. Her voice is music!”

“Yola Nash oozes emotion with her bohemian team of Edsel Gomez /keys, Alex Meixner /accordion, Graham Keir /guitar, Luisitio Quintero /drums, Dave Baron /bass...on this mix of heart and Left Bank spirits. The tunes all have a street feel of gypsies...” Jazz Weekly

“Yola Nash is a talented jazz singer with her own sound who consistently creates fresh new music.” Scott Yanow - Legendary Jazz Critic, Jazz Historian

Joined by the top-notch brilliant band that includes Grammy winning her music director, producer and pianist Edsel Gomez, Yola takes the listener on a seductive and passionate adventure, exploring the genre and expertly crafting a fresh, personal musical style making it a sparkling crossover.

Don't miss her music and go to any major platform, links here: https://yolanash.hearnow.com/manhattan-whispers

And If you love artists like: Sade, Caro Emerald, Norah Jones, Melody Gardot you gonna love Yola’s music.

Watch the music video of “Manhattan Whispers” with a special guest JLo's dancer, actor Chris Jarosz: https://youtu.be/XKEM2GmW2vA

For more information about Yola, her new album “Manhattan Whispers” please visit:


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Facebook: facebook.com/yola.nash

Instagram: yolanashofficial

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My Jazz Story

My JAZZ STORY - From Oppression to Expression. Being born and raised in communist regime in Poland I view jazz as an incredibly powerful tool that connected people who were fighting for their freedom, peace, culture, language, liberties, their life, their art, their passions in a bit similar way like faith did. You see, throughout history governments prohibited music that inspired free, creative expression with the message of freedom. Nazi's prohibited Chopin's music, pro-Polish Polonaises, because of its powerful pro-independence symbolism, same went for Jazz. Jazz in Poland was wiped out during the World War II, as the Nazi's considered it degenerate and dangerous. Conflicting with their enslaving agenda. And then after the war ended, when the Communists took power in my motherland they officially banned Jazz music as a "decadent Western art". Imagine that the saxophone itself was forbidden by the state. And those jazz fans and musicians caught playing or listening to Jazz were put on a special blacklist and had problems to find a job or could even be imprisoned. Sounds surreal today but it's true. So Jazz was considered underground and forbidden art form at those days. Thanks God all has changed. And learning stories about those times, and jazz musicians it made me so curious what's in it really that it is so dangerous that governments, or invaders of my country had to banned it. So, luckily for me my life path took me to NYC where I truly discovered the beauty of that art form. And I can surely say today I was exposed to jazz in NY in the most powerful, beautiful way I could ever ever imagine. From taking vocal jazz classes with the most prominent jazz professors like Nancy Marano to interviewing and performing with most amazing jazz stars. Once I landed here and met and had interviewed on my radio/TV shows including WABC NY such legends like: Grammy winning Wynton Marsalis, Chick Corea, Chris Botti, Cassandra Wilson, Herb Alpert, (just to mention a few), and played / recorded with Grammy winning legend Wynton Marsalis (Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra), Luisito Quintero (Chick Corea, Santana), Edsel Gomez (Dee Dee Bridgewater), Marc O'Connor, and others, and learned their stories, experienced their musical art on the most brilliant level, I realized I'm so blessed to have discovered Jazz. It gave me a deeper understanding that I can feel free as a person, and artist, free to create, free to make music, perform, experience the beauty of life and art, no matter the nationality, language, age, culture, etc. It's incredibly liberating! It gave me WINGS! As you see I have come a long way to NYC, faced and triumphed over tremendous adversities, and I live to sing about it and inspire others to never ever give up and fight for their big dreams. No matter the circumstances in life, upbringing challenges, or political climate. I'm a living example that with a strong positive spirit and clear goals those obstacles will vanish. My life story is full of proofs for that and it's being also applauded as the true American Dream story. Who would ever thought that my life story will one day beautifully intertwine with my musical choices, creativity, passion and genre direction. I'm so grateful for my wonderful career as a performer, songwriter, producer and I'm artfully fusing harmonic and rhythmic elements of my Polish heritage with my great passion for Jazz, and Latin music. So summarizing, I fell in love with Jazz because it represents freedom of expression and that means freedom of your heart. More info about me and my passionate musical journey please visit: https://yolanash.com/index.html YOLA NASH - Twice GRAMMY® considered, Hall of Fame Inductee and multiple award winning Alternative Jazz SINGER, SONGWRITER, PRODUCER and former WABC NY Radio Host.

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