Wil Blades

About Me

Originally from Chicago, Wil Blades has become one of San Francisco's top organists. Wil has been wowing Bay Area audiences with groups like “Aquatic Groove Session”, “O.G.D.” and “BluesBeat”. Now 23, Wil has been performing since he was ten years old, and has played professionally in the Bay Area since his first year of college as jazz studies major at the New College of California. He began playing and studying drums at the age of 8, guitar at 13 and organ at 18. He has also received tutelage from jazz organ great, Dr. Lonnie Smith. Wil's rhythmic, blues driven style is reminiscent of Jimmy Smith, Larry Young, and “Groove” Holmes, but stays in touch with current sounds. Wil has performed and recorded with legendary artists such as John Lee Hooker, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Melvin Sparks, Idris Muhammad, Soulive, Betty Joplin, Will Bernard, Eddie Marshall, Herbie Lewis, and Scott Amendola. For the last four years, Wil has maintained the position of house organist at John Lee Hooker's Boom Boom Room and teaches at the renowned Berkeley Jazz School. His playing has gained him respect from audiences and musicians alike.


”This Young Lion has committed his talent to the Hammond B-3 organ

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