Steve Rubin

Steve has been a professional drumer since 1973

About Me

Raised with the influence of 60's rock, and having spent part of the 70's working in a disco show band, Steve looked to Mel Lewis, as his first drum instructor in those early disco days to lead him in his interest in jazz. Having studied with Mel for 6 months, he began participating in jazz jams, while continued working in a disco show/ soul group. Several years later Steve studied with Sonny Igoe, where formal lessons in rudiments, reading and study of big band drummers led Steve to research, study and gain respect for the giants of jazz drummers from Sid Catlett, to Jo Jones, to Philly Joe, to Roy Haynes to Elvin, Tony Williams, Eric Gravatt and Jack DeJohnette. These past 4 years Steve has had the pleasure of leading his own trio, The Skye Jazz Trio, and to work with great musicians such as Joe Vincent Tranchina on keyboards, Bill McCrossen and Eric Lemon on bass, Mark Daine and Ed Littman on guitar. Steve also works with Warren Sirota, playing the Roland Handsonic ( electronic percussion) in a venture inspired by Warren who plays guitar and guitar synthesizer, looping, etc, called The Sandbox.

Music for Steve is an open buffet of possibilities, and he respects the greatness of jazz as being the inspiration and musical leader in maintaining that.

In 2010 Steve created The Warwick Valley Jazz Festival ( and this coming August 18 -21, 2011 will be the second.

My Favorites

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