Peter Assing

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because...I am a Jazz Musician and play the saxophone I was first exposed to jazz...At Age 15 I met [musician name]...Hubert laws, Ernie Watts, Eric Marienthal, Herbie Hancock, The best show I ever attended was...Chick Corea Live, Elvin Jones Live The first jazz record I bought was...Apocalipse by The Mahavishnu Orchestra My advice to new listeners...Take your time and try feeling it instead of rationalizing it Or whatever else you have in mind.I am a musician a saxophone player and composer

My House Concert Story

I started playing instruments in High School; I meet Composer Paul Dessene who is today a cellist from Harvard and Lorenzo Barriendos who became bass player and sideman with Iraquere and Arturo Sandoval; They had an incredible avant Gard jazz group by the name of one foot one Eye; After i saw them play started playing the flute and later the saxophone; I studied music with different teachers and played in a number of different bands i went to an Elvin Jones concert as a tenager and i also saw Chick Corea with Bassist Bunny Brunel and trumpetman Alan Vizuti, Afterwards i really got into Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Klaus Doldinger and Michael Brecker; I presently play in a Jazz group is called JazzaNova and we play live concerts arround Southern California

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