Paolo Peviani

ascoltando / listening

About Me

Appassionato di musica da sempre.

Negli anni '80, in qualità di sassofonista partecipo con diversi gruppi alla scena pop- underground milanese.

Scrivo di musica dal 1998. Ho collaborato con Rockstar, Ritmo, Jazz 'n' Blues'n' Around, Jazzit,

Per All About Jazz curo la rubrica “Questionario di Proust”

In love with music and jazz since I can remember

In the '80s, I played saxophone in several pop-underground bands

I write about music since 1998. Before joining All About Jazz, I wrote for Rockstar, Ritmo, Jazz 'n' Blues'n' Around, Jazzit,

For AAJ, I take care of My Favorite Things, an interview format based on Marcel Proust's Questionnaire

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