Jeffrey Zielinski

About Me

For the past 25 years I have created musical path within my life. A musical life has allowed me to develop my character, create a multitude of friendships within music, fostered my ability to express myself through my instrument, and has allowed me to create various and unique performance opportunities.

For the first 15 years of my professional drumming experience I have played in bands of varying genres throughout major cities along the East Coast. In 1999 I decided to move to New Orleans in order to broaden my musical vocabulary, learn and collaborate with artists, expand my cultural exposure, and be in an environment which allows for the utmost creative freedom. My time here has allowed me to accomplish these aspects and also allowed me to work in the arts on a full time basis. Here are some highlights:

2001: Roshibobo, an organ-jazz trio performs a month long residency at world famous Maple Leaf Bar in Uptown New Orleans for Superfly Productions.

2003: Sama Veda a world jazz ensemble I was a part of was invited to play at the Contemporary Arts Center’s annual arts event “Arts For Arts’ Sake” which celebrates visual art in major gallery crawl within downtown New Orleans.

2005: My improvisational jazz quartet Communion was invited to play at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and perform in the prestigious “Jazz Tent” to a most resounding and appreciative audience. Our music was also used in a local “Dog & Pony Theater Production “original work “Finding the Enemy.”

2007: I collaborated with Hungarian saxophonist extraordinaire Viktor Toth in New Orleans where we produced and recorded a CD with local New Orleans musicians and then again in NYC at the CEC Artslink’s “Flipfest” where we performed as a duo.

2010-Present: Bodhi3, an improvisational jazz trio releases “Ceremony” to rave reviews in the local New Orleans music journal “Offbeat”. Many unique and various performance opportunities follow including performances at the New Orleans Fringe Festival, Arts For Arts’ Sake, The Open Ears Music Series, and Sacred Music Festival to name a few.

2012: Collaborated & Performed with drummer Hamid Drake at Ashe Cultural Art Center's “Celebration of the Drum” on Frame Drums.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because...It allows me to express myself without boundaries. I was first exposed to jazz...When I worked for a tv show which highlighted Max Roach's Jazz in July Program at UMASS. I met [musician name]...Many The best show I ever attended was...too many to mention. The first jazz record I bought was..."My Favorite Things" by John Coltrane. My advice to new open and allow yourself time to digest the music. Or whatever else you have in mind.

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