Elliot Spero

Elliot Spero: Musician / Producer- Saxophones, Keyboards, Percussion & Hand Drums

About Me

Elliot Spero / E. C. Spero Productions - Musician /Producer/ Manager/ Booking Agent. San Francisco City & State Collage From Forest Hills, Queens N.Y. has been in the music profession for 40 years. West coast in the bay area of San francisco and then back to the NYC metro area.

Started on piano at age 8 in NY and than on to playing Tenor sax in high school band at age 13 in Clearwater FL. Influenced by his older brothers Roger and Buck's love of jazz, musicians themselves, up from the basement of his house as a kid in Forest Hills Gardens NY came the sounds of Miles, Mingus, Coltrane & McCoy. Moved to San francisco @ 17 where he studied music at San Francisco City and State college and also was lucky to go the school of the famous jazz club Keystone Korner run by Todd Barken in north beach where i saw so many great shows and meet the worlds greatest musicians. I saw McCoy Tyner record his live album “Atlantis” when I was 14 while visiting SF and it was a life changing experience. I also first experienced latin music in SF. In his late teens he was asked to join a Berkley Ca cult band “ The Red Moto Orchester “ and played with many bay area musicians and meet his good friend there composer David Goldblatt. Made his way back to NYC in 1983 to produce for Multimedia Assoc & Cyber Sound with the introduction of Video greeting cards, also got very involved in marketing & sales. The last 12 years has been the manager/agent for The Christine Spero Group. Produced 2 original Nu-Jazz, Latin, Pop Cd's “ We call it music” and “ My Spanish Dream” 1 year into new project because of Christine Speros love of the music of Laura Nyro. The new show is called “ Spero Plays Nyro” playing Clubs and festivals to very enthusiastic audiences it is a celebration of Laura Nyros Music. Our new CD “ Spero Plays Nyro” should be done with a January 2014 Release .

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because... I was brought up on Miles, McCoy & Trane I was first exposed to jazz...When I was 10 I met [McCoy Tyner]... The best show I ever attended was...Hard question to answer. I was 14 years old when I saw McCoy Tyner @ The Keystone Corner in SF the night he did his live recording of Atlantis also many Michael Brecker shows The first jazz record I bought was...Spain - Chick Corea My advice to new listeners... Or whatever else you have in mind.

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