Dom Minasi

To describe him (Dom Minasi) adequately, one would need a new vocabulary...(just as) he is creating a new vocabulary on the guitar.

About Me

Dom Minasi has been playing guitar for over 50 years. When he was 18 years old he began teaching and working as a full–time musician. In 1974 he recorded two albums for Blue Note Records, which launched his career as a jazz artist. For the next twenty years, Dom worked with and recorded with the who’s who in jazz, while at the same time he began composing for Off-Broadway, authoring five instructional books and created a Literacy Through Song Writing Workshops for the NYC Board of Ed. In 1999, with his wife, Carol Mennie, they formed CDM Records and Can Do More Inc., a company dedicated to education, theater and music. Since it’s inception CDM Records has released eight records. All meeting with glowing reviews and making the top ten lists of many jazz journalists throughout the USA and Europe. Since 2009 Dom’s has been recording for other record companies such as: re: KonstruK, Konnex, three recordings for Nacht Records, separately with Karl Berger, Michael Jefrey Stevens and Blaise Siwula; Solyd Records with Anthony Braxton, Unseen Records and coming out in November 2014, Ilivium, with guitarist Hans Tammen, on the Straw to Gold Record Label

My Jazz Story

Published on: 2016-06-18

I love jazz because it touches my heart. I was first exposed to jazz by my first guitar teacher Joe Geneli. I read about Sal Salvador when I studied with Joe which eventually led me to study with Sal. The best show I ever attended was my first time at Birdland in 1957 to see guitarist Johnny Smith. The first jazz record I bought was Johnny Smith's "Moonlight In Vermont." My advice to new listeners is to close your eyes and go with the flow.

My Favorites

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