Barbra Hickman

Free Spirit known to roam in search of good music

About Me

I am an old wise woman, old enough to know better but old enough not to give a damn. As a dancer in the 60s I travelled the globe discovering wonderful artists, as a wise old woman in this day and age I travel the globe discovering new artists who have been lucky enough to be left the legacy from those I knew back in the day who are unfortunately departing this planet at a rate of knots.

My Jazz Story

I love jazz because it stirs my soul I was first exposed to jazz as a toddler listening to jazz on my parents radio & the parties they had with various musicians attending, some playing a bass made from a tea chest I met so many musician over the years The best show I ever attended was the last one and I am sure that the one this week will be the next best The first jazz record I bought was Dave Brubeck My advice to new listeners 'Listen with an open heart' I am so happy to see so many young people embracing Jazz

My Favorites

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