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Coming on June 19

1538 This Is It!


Love Wins Johannes Wallmann

Love Wins

1538 This Is It!


Mutt Slang Alain Mallet

Mutt Slang

Prisma Lee Konitz


Coming on June 21

Postcard Collection Hazel Leach / Composers' Orchestra Berlin

Postcard Collection

Der Dichter Spricht Laura Schuler

Der Dichter Spricht

Dodecahedron The Rempis / Daisy Duo & Guests


The Chopin Project Dead Composers Club

The Chopin Project

Walk The Walk Eric Sierveld

Walk The Walk

Coming on June 22

Alive In The East? Binker and Moses

Alive In The East?

Love Stone JD Allen

Love Stone

Empty Castles Dave Rempis/ Darren Johnston / Larry Ochs

Empty Castles

Myths and Morals Chad Taylor

Myths and Morals

The Sum Of My Pardon Marius Billgobenson

The Sum Of My Pardon

Coming on June 23

Three Pictures Steffen Schorn & Zurich Jazz Orchestra

Three Pictures

A New Beginning Claus Waidtlow

A New Beginning

Triad Satoko Fujii / Joe Fonda / Gianni Mimmo


Coming on June 24

Invisible Atlas Ilaria Capalbo

Invisible Atlas

Blue Dreams Jamie Saft Quartet

Blue Dreams

Still Dreaming Joshua Redman

Still Dreaming

Coming on June 25

Atwood Suites Andrew Rathbun Large Ensemble

Atwood Suites

Theirs Thumbscrew


Jubilation! Jim Snidero & Jeremy Pelt


Let Go Chris Kase

Let Go

Coming on June 26

Meeting of Minds Bob Mintzer Big Band / New York Voices

Meeting of Minds

Pass If Music Sam Gendel

Pass If Music

Radio Omnibus Michael William Gilbert

Radio Omnibus

Coming on June 27

Vanished Gardens Charles Lloyd

Vanished Gardens

Kiss Your Darlings I Think You Are Awesome

Kiss Your Darlings

Theirs Mary Halvorson


Peter and the Wolf The New England Jazz Ensemble

Peter and the Wolf

The Groove Hunter Mclenty Hunter

The Groove Hunter

Coming on June 28

Reemergence Jared Gold


Vol.2 Orbital Quintet


Tristeza on Guitar Baden Powell

Tristeza on Guitar

The Velvet Rage Pete Lee

The Velvet Rage

Coming on June 29

Music IS Bill Frisell

Music IS

Juniper Slowly Rolling Camera


Tenderness is Silent Martin Nevin

Tenderness is Silent

Coming on June 30

20 The Toronto Jazz Orchestra


Give Us These Days Lynne Arriale Trio

Give Us These Days

Audacity Buster Williams


Dart Drug Derek Bailey & Jamie Muir

Dart Drug