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Stefano Bollani: And Now For Something Completely Different

By Published: December 12, 2011
AAJ: You've done a large number of vastly different projects. What musical ambitions do you still have to fulfill?

SB: My ambition was always meeting Caetano Veloso, and I did it. There is one musician who I would love to meet and that is [guitarist] Bill Frisell
Bill Frisell
Bill Frisell
. I still have that dream in my mind. You never know, maybe it will happen. Anyway, the most important thing is that I hope I can go on playing what I like with musicians I like, which is a great privilege.

AAJ: Frisell also did a Buster Keaton-related project, Go West: Music for Films of Buster Keaton (Nonesuch, 1995). Maybe his guitar and your piano could work together with Keaton films.

SB: I'd forgotten about Bill and Buster Keaton, but I saw the movie in Italy with him and his trio playing. You've just reminded me. Yeah, it could be a trio—Frisell, Keaton and me. It could be great.

Selected Discography

Chick Corea/Stefano Bollani, Orvieto (ECM, 2011)
Stefano Bollani/NDR Big Band, Big Band! (Verve, 2011)
Riccardo Chailly/Stefano Bollani, George Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue, Concerto in F (Decca, 2011)
Stefano Bollani/Jesper Bodilsen/Morten Lund, Stone in the Water (ECM, 2009)
Enrico Rava, New York Days (ECM, 2009)
Stefano Bollani, Carioca (Emarcy/Universal Music Italia, 2008)
Stefano Bollani, Jazz Italiano Live (L'Expresso, 2007)
Stefano Bollani, Piano Solo (ECM, 2006)
Enrico Rava, The Third Man (ECM, 2006)
I Visionari, I Visionari (Label Bleu, 2006)
Stefano Bollani/Jesper Bodilsen/Morten Lund, Gleda: Songs from Scandinavia (Stunt Records/Sundance Music, 2005)
Enrico Rava, TATI (ECM, 2004)
Stefano Bollani, Concertone (Label Bleu, 2004)
Stefano Bollani, L'Orchestra del Titanic (Millesuoni, 2003)
Enrico Rava, Easy Living (ECM, 2003)
Stefano Bollani, Smat Smat (Label Bleu, 2003)
Stefano Bollani, Abassa la tua Radio (Ermitage, 2001)
Stefano Bollani, Mambo Italiano (Philology, 1999)
Enrico Rava, Shades of Chet (Label Bleu, 1999)
Stefano Bollani, Gnòsi delle fanfole (Sonica, 1998)

Photo Credits
Page 1: Alessandro Demycost

Page 2: Courtesy of Umbria Jazz

Page 4, 5: Salvatore Basile,

Page 6: Michael Weintrob

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