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By Published: May 22, 2013
Keyboard giant Jamie Saft
Jamie Saft
Jamie Saft

has the knack for assembling varied and always thrilling projects. His New Zion Trio mixes King Tubby dub with the jazz piano trio sounds of Bill Evans. He also coaxes the Japanese noise artist Masami Akita, aka Merzbow, to play dub music. He can hang with John Zorn
John Zorn
John Zorn
sax, alto
, Dave Douglas
Dave Douglas
Dave Douglas
, or mix it with the Bad Brains and Beastie Boys.

This outing on Rare Noise Records follows his work with guitarist Eraldo Bernocchi and Balazs Pandi in the band Metallic Taste Of Blood. Slobber Pup builds upon the Saft's band The Spanish Donkey with guitarist Joe Morris
Joe Morris
Joe Morris
, by substituting Pandi for Mike Pride and adding bassist Trevor Dunn.

The music here reinvents Morris as a cross between Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton
and Sonny Sharrock. The opening track "Accuser" in all it's 27-minutes mixes 1960s Cream with 1980s Last Exit bands. Morris is spurred on by the ferocious drumming of Pandi, whose beats can be heard behind Merzbow and Mats Gustafsson
Mats Gustafsson
Mats Gustafsson
. The music is savage and aggressive, with Dunn providing thunder and Saft's organ attacking like a hidden drone.

The remaining music, although shorter in length, is just as fierce. "Suffrage" pulls from funk and blues and "Taint Of Satan" threatens to melt down every sonic wall. The discovery here is Joe Morris as a hardcore rocker, the fun is turning him loose.

Tracks and Personnel

Autumn Songs

Tracks: Brows Of Morning; Nine And Fifty Swans; Winter Comes To Hush Her Song; It Bends It Sways; Poor Autumn; The Clouds Go; Restlessly; Autumn In Maine; The Heavy Cargo; Rain Curtains.

Personnel: Ab Baars: tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi; Ig Henneman: viola.


Tracks: Crono; Oceano; Febe; Giapeto; Ceo; Mnemosine; Epimeteo; Teia; Iperione; Lelantos; Leto; Teti; Erinni.

Personnel: Massimo Barbiero: drums, bodram; gongs, comet bell, wawedrums, percussion.

Clockhead Goes To Camp

Tracks: The Old Muskrat Welcomes Us; An Elephant Buys A New Car; Nine Piglets; Dr. Duck's Beautiful New Kitchen; Clockhead Goes To Camp; Whatever It Might Be; Last Summer At Camp Creepy; Paint The Fence; Sandpaper Is Necessary; John Lizard And Mr. Pyg; Cabin 12 Escapes Into the Night; Patience; Ten Piglets.

Personnel: Daniel Bennett: alto saxophone, flute, clarinet; Mark Cocheo: guitar; Peter Brendler: bass; Tyson Stubelek: drums.


Tracks: Goshawk (Accipiter Gentilis); Close To You (Why Do Birds...); I Still Am (Frog's Frozen) Part 1; Breuk (Fraction); Hands (Feathers).

Personnel: Fred van Duijnhoven: drums; Amber van Nieuwburg: voice (2); Eugène Flören: marimba (2, 4) Bastoets (4), Speeldoosje (4).

Crossing The Passes

Tracks: The Only Constant; Traversing The Maze; Looking West From West; Smooth Curve Of the Bow; The Spring Rains; Duopoly; Crossing The Passes; Basin And Range; Acute Angles; Rain, Wind And Hail; Journey Across the Land.

Personnel: Rich Halley: tenor saxophone, percussion; Michael Vlatkovich: trombone, percussion; Clyde Reed: bass; Carson Halley: drums, percussion.


Tracks: Cuttlefish; On The Moon; Which Goose; G-Bug; Convolvulaceae; Panther; No Night; Punkin.

Personnel: Jason Roebke: double bass; Tobias Delius: tenor saxophone, clarinet.

Merzbow Duo

Tracks: CD1: 26 September 1987; CD2: 19 June 1988 Part 1&2; CD3: 25 June 1988, 27 August 1988; CD4: 25 June 1988 A, Duo 1988 Penta 2; CD5: 9 October 1989 Part 1-3; CD6: 1 May 1988 B, 15 September 1989; CD7: 16 April 199 Part 1&2; CD8: 1 mAy 1988 A, Duo 1988 Penta Part 3; 15 September 1989 B, Penta 1988 A; CD10: 20 September 1987, 28 February 1988; Bonus Dusc: 23 November 1979..

Personnel: Masami Akita: metal box with piano wire, guitar, violin, byan, junk metals, keyboards, drums, synar-3; tapes, radio, motor, electric fan, egg cutter, flute, rubber, paper tube, percussions, effects etc.; Kiyoshi Mizutani: guitar, bass guitar, audio mixer, metal box with piano wires, tapes, balalaika, byan violin, drums, keyboards, flute, effects etc.


Tracks: May Be A Silken Thread; Wheel; The Blue Man; On My Road; Spinning; The Blanket Feels Woolen; You Wear Your Colors And Move.

Personnel: Rachel Musson: saxophones; Liam Noble: keyboards; Mark Sanders: drums.

At Canterbury

Tracks: Throwing Light; Face The Same Direction; Corollary; Patience Game; Sojourn; Invocation; Social Insects.

Personnel: Jean Martin: drums; Frank Lozano: tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone; Jim Lewis: trumpet, flugelhorn; Rainer Wiens:guitar, mbira; Christine Duncan: voice, theremin.

Nel Margine

Tracks: Ninna Nanna (a Paul); Once it Was the Colour of Saying; La Casa; Sketches; P&M; La Semina; The Hat; Fischiettando; Camminare Api; Mese Lunare; Dal Margine.

Personnel: Alberto Braida: piano; Giancarlo Locatelli: clarinet, bass clarinet.


Tracks: Out of Tune; Pretty Good Alternative; Suggestion; Interference/Picking God Apart; Catalogue; Suggestion II; Ending?; Poor Guy Alone; Poor Guy Alone (Again).

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