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Kenny Wheeler: The Making of "Mirrors"

By Published: March 11, 2013
The history of Mirrors so far suggests that it's not going to disappear, and all the protagonists are keen to collaborate further along the same lines. "I think Kenny has the bit between his teeth," ventures Winstone. "He's always looking for new poems." Churchill confirms Winstone's feeling: "Kenny is already looking at other poems, such as Langston Hughes, another Lewis Carroll and another Stevie Smith. I've got to score them up, and then we'll start work on those and hopefully record them sometime. Kenny has got into it big time. He's excited about it, I think."

It seems as if another go in the recording studios is more likely than a UK tour, given the logistics in moving such a large number of people around from city to city, but the magic of Mirrors is that it has musical appeal that stretches far beyond the confines of jazz. "It's a festival thing, isn't it? It's a major event," says Churchill.

It would be easy to picture Mirrors winning over crowds in almost any type of festival setting: on balmy summer nights in the castle at the Edinburgh Festival, on the main stage at Glastonbury at sunset or at the champion of staging premieres, Cheltenham Festival. If the Mirrors project proves anything, it's surely that with dedicated people and hard work the seemingly impossible can come true. As Lewis Carroll's Queen told Alice, "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

The launch of Mirrors, featuring Wheeler, Winstone, the London Vocal Project and jazz quartet will be held at Kings Place, London, on May 25th, 2013 at 8 p.m.

Pete Churchill, director of the London Vocal Project will give a pre- concert talk in the St. Pancrass Room at 7 p.m. The talk is free to concert ticket holders.

Selected Discography

Kenny Wheeler/Norma Winstone/London Vocal Project, Mirrors (Edition Records, 2013)

Kenny Wheeler Big Band, The Long Waiting (CAM Jazz, 2012)

Norma Winstone, Stories Yet to Tell (ECM Records, 2010)

Kenny Wheeler/Colors Jazz Orchestra, Nineteen Plus One (Astarte Records, 2009)

Norma Winstone, Distances (ECM Records, 2008)
Norma Winstone, Amoroso (Only More So) (Enodoc Records, 2007)

Norma Winstone/NDR Bigband, It's Later than you Think (Rent a Dog, 2006)

Kenny Wheeler, What Now? (CAM Jazz, 2005)

Kenny Wheeler, Dream Sequence (Psi, 2003)

Kenny Wheeler, A Long Time Ago (ECM Records, 1999)

Norma Winstone, Manhattan in the Rain (Enodoc Records, 1998)

Azimuth, How it was then, never again (ECM Records, 1995)

Kenny Wheeler, Music for Large and Small Ensembles (ECM Records, 1990)

Norma Winstone, Somewhere Called Home (ECM Records, 1986)

Azimuth, The Touchstone (ECM Records, 1978)

Azimuth, Azimuth (ECM, 1977)

Kenny Wheeler, Gnu High (ECM Records, 1976)

Kenny Wheeler, Song for Someone (Incus, 1973)

Kenny Wheeler with the John Dankworth Orchestra, Windmill Tilter (Fontana, 1969)

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